Five Ways Landlords Can Maximize Their Properties

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Renting has become a desirable option for many people who are not yet ready to take on the responsibility of owning their homes. However, these individuals look for properties that are well maintained and offer a welcoming environment for themselves, their families and their guests. Landlords can maximize their occupancy by ensuring that properties have the look that tenants desire.

Good Lighting

Today, landlords have a wide range of lighting fixtures available that can fit any area. Kitchen lighting should be bright and utilitarian for various cooking tasks. Bathrooms should provide sufficient light for grooming activities. Bedrooms should have a variety of lighting choices to brighten or darken the room as needed. Living rooms may require a light with ceiling fan, as well as table lamps or freestanding lamps to provide light for reading, hobbies or entertaining. Landlords should also make use of any available light coming in from windows or glass doors. Natural light provides the best lighting for most activities and creates a pleasant atmosphere for daily life. Sparkling clean windows helps to make rental properties shine.

Sparkling Bathrooms

Renters take a special interest in the condition of the bathroom of rental properties because this room often takes a great deal of wear from bathing and grooming activities. Tiling should be scrupulously clean and sparkling. Grout stains can be a problem. These discolorations can be removed with oxygen bleach cleaning powders that can be found in local supermarkets. However, for heavy staining, you may want to call a professional grout-cleaning company. If the fixtures have become worn and stained, replace them. A clean bathroom will keep your rental property looking well cared for and ready for a new tenant.

Restored Flooring

Because flooring takes such hard use, landlords often have to concentrate their efforts on restoring a good finish to flooring. A reputable professional floor cleaning company can help with mopping, scrubbing, polishing, grinding and any special restoration work. Cleaning and restoration from a company like De Leon Restoration & Cleaning could potentially save you a bundle compared to the costs of a complete flooring replacement. If the damage is too severe, however, you may want to consider replacement since a shabby floor will have a significant impact on how potential tenants view the property.

Tasteful Paint Choices

In most cases, the landlord must paint before new tenants can move into the property. The industry standard is a light tan, which can easily go with any type of d├ęcor and any color scheme. Some landlords prefer a light blue or white in bathrooms to create a more decorative design.

Distinct Curb Appeal

Potential tenants will make instant judgments on properties they investigate, so make sure properties have distinct curb appeal. This means all lawns and plants should be carefully manicured, any siding or paint issues resolved and any junk lining the exterior of the home removed. The curb appeal can be as significant a factor as any other when potential tenants weigh the rent price with the state of the property.

These simple actions can make a huge difference in the way your property is perceived by a potential renter. If you present an appealing vision for a future tenant, you can maximize the value of the property and help your bottom line.

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