Why A Steel Garage May Be Right For You

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Choosing a steel garage for your storage needs can be the right decision for several reasons. Steel garages look great and can be built according to your specifications. Or, you can choose a proven design and select from one of numerous blueprints available.

Whether you choose to build your steel garage yourself or have someone do that for you, there are a number of advantages in choosing steel over a pole barn or a timber garage. Among these advantages are the following:

Save on construction costs — Dollar for dollar, a steel garage will cost you less than a traditional timber detached garage. Steel prices are competitive and the designs are easy to complete. You’ll spend less for materials and your labor costs will come in lower.

The savings you get from opting for steel can allow you to choose a larger structure. Erect a three-car steel building for less than a standard two-car timber garage. Add in plumbing and electrical lines, if desired.

Choose a design — You can customize your steel garage to suit your tastes. Besides standard one- or two-garage units, you can select a style such as a barn, an A-frame garage and more. Steel garages meet local zoning certification and requirements, including local wind and snow ratings.

Enjoy its durability — Termite issues are a thing of the past with steel. Wood frame garages are subject to termite damage and can rot. Steel is also better resistant to wear — timber beams can crack or rot.

If you house antique cars or expensive equipment, a steel garage can provide the durability that you need. In the event of a fire, a timber building would go up faster than steel as it makes use of more wood materials. The savings you enjoy by choosing steel over wood can mean that you’ll have the funds to invest in sprinkler and security systems.

Add some style — Steel’s styling flexibility has improved in recent years as designers have worked to create a look that is closer to what you see with traditional stick or timber building. You can choose most any color, select a custom facade and in special touches such as a side screened porch, a storage room, a car port, windows and doors. You can create a look that matches the style of your house.

Save on maintenance costs — Maintaining any building means that you have to paint the exterior, put on a new roof and handle interior upkeep. With a steel building, there is nothing to paint and your roof is also metal, therefore you won’t have the expense of replacing the roof down the line as you would with a timber garage. Your interior maintenance may be about the same, depending whether you finish it by putting up drywall or leave it will a steel shell. You always have the option of completing your steel garage later, when your funds permit.

Design Ideas

You may have seen garages and barns on your drives through the country and not realized that these were steel structures. That is because its owners chose to customize their building to give it some personality. You may find steel garages with a cupola or a second floor with barn doors. You can also add an office to you steel garage and have both a regular entranceway door and a sliding door.

Is it possible to assemble a steel garage in as few as two days? Yes, if you have the permits in hand, a team in place and the expertise to handle the work. If you choose a contractor, you can schedule your project to allow the cement foundation to be poured and cured, and then construction started. The entire job can be quickly completed, giving you a usable structure that will offer years of enjoyment.

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