5 Benefits of Using a Mini Split System in Your Home

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A woman is looking up at her mini split unit and using a remote control to adjust the temperature.

Things are heating up outside. If you haven’t equipped your home with an air conditioning system yet, consider installing a mini split. It can offer cool air, heat if it has a heat pump, and a list of other helpful functions. Unlike traditional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, mini splits provide greater flexibility in installation and more. Here are the top five benefits of using a mini split system in your home.

Energy Efficient

If you’d like to see lower electricity bills in summer, consider installing a mini split system. Ducted systems lose a great deal of cooled air along the way to the vents. Ductless mini split systems have their pros and cons, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Obviously, a big pro is that they lack ducts, so the cool air comes directly out of the device’s vents. Mini split technology also provides inverters, which adjust the output according to the external temperature. That means it doesn’t work harder or use more power than it must to provide cool air. You’ll notice the difference in your utility bills at the end of the month!

Keep Things Personal

People are funny. What might be a perfectly comfortable temperature for one person might be incredibly cold or hot for another. Luckily, you can install mini splits in different rooms around the house. One room can be cooler while another is warmer, depending upon the setting for the unit in that room. This also helps with energy efficiency since you can turn the individual units on or off or run them at higher or lower settings, depending on the room’s temperature, occupancy, or the like. No more fights over the thermostat!

Easy To Install

Mini splits feature simple installation—far simpler than an HVAC system with an elaborate system of ducks and vents! (And the lack of ducts means more savings.) Units require drilling a hole in the wall, allowing it to connect to an outdoor condenser unit. While it’s best to have a professional do the installation, anyone can install a mini split. Plus, it doesn’t require days of work, leaving you free to enjoy the AC.

Fresh Air

Mini splits can help to clean up the air in your home. If someone suffers from asthma, allergies, or similar respiratory issues, a mini split can filter out the dust, allergens, hair, and other elements floating about the home. The resulting conditioned air is free from pollutants.

Filter maintenance is easy. Periodically remove and clean or replace the filter for smooth and efficient operation.


Mini splits don’t produce the roar and rush of HVAC units. Keep things quiet around the house by running practically noiseless mini splits. They quietly operate in the background, leaving you to enjoy reading, watching TV, snoozing, or what have you without annoyance.

Keep in mind these five benefits of using a mini split system in your home as you make your HVAC decision!

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