Helpful Tips To Make Your Construction Site Sustainable

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Helpful Tips To Make Your Construction Site Sustainable

Construction projects are great because they generate jobs and create new locations for people to live or work. However, the job sites can be very taxing to the environment. Construction generates a lot of waste and emits harmful gases into the atmosphere. Be part of the solution, not the problem, by checking out these helpful tips to make your construction site sustainable.

Start With the Materials

Create an eco-friendly construction site by using sustainable materials. Refrain from being wasteful in this department. During a construction project, you’ll need plenty of lumber, so consider using timber from sustainable forests, which have low environmental impacts.

Recycled materials like glass, plastic, and metal are great options. Instead of creating new materials, reuse existing materials to reduce the negative effects on the environment. Construction site managers should consider using low-carbon concrete because it doesn’t emit as much carbon as regular concrete into the atmosphere.

Preserve the Resources

Do everything you can to preserve our natural resources. Our planet will never run out of water, but clean water isn’t available in many places around the world. The supply is so delicate, we must protect freshwater sources.

According to the EPA, “Flushing time decreases as freshwater inflow increases.” The flushing time of an estuary is the ratio of freshwater to the rate of freshwater inflow. Reduce the number of flushes at your job site by setting up portable restrooms. The holding tanks will contain the wastewater and prevent anything from leaking out and contaminating the ground.

In addition to the porta-potty, rent a hand washing station. Instead of using a freshwater supply, it operates by using recycled water, making it eco-friendly and convenient. It can provide up to 200 fresh washes before needing to be serviced. Their flexibility makes them easy to transport to any location on the site. Depending on the size of the job, consider installing more than one sink near porta-potties or in neutral locations.

Discard Waste Responsibly

Be mindful of the waste you generate and how you discard it. This matters the most on construction sites because the way your crew handles unused items will determine how another construction job runs. Consider it as a cycle; dispose of waste in the proper bins so it goes to a recycling center rather than a landfill.

Landfills are filling up, and while it’s easy to throw everything into one pot, you must make a conscious effort to separate materials into waste and recyclables. Construction and demolition waste includes the following:

  • Shingles
  • Lumber
  • Ductwork
  • Glass
  • Wires
  • Drywall
  • Concrete
  • Gravel
  • Metal scraps

Most of these items are recyclable and can be reused for another construction job.

Use Energy Efficient Equipment

Use the right equipment to reduce energy consumption. Avoid wasting fuel when using generators. Use energy-efficient cranes and other construction tools. Your staff will need training on using energy-efficient equipment because it is different than models they are familiar with. You need to ensure everyone has the skills to use the machinery for the protection of the operator and everyone on site. Run through the training exercises with local vendors before working with the new equipment.

Making your construction site more sustainable is possible and requires effort from everyone!

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