Why You Should Survey Your Land Before Building Your Home

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Why You Should Survey Your Land Before Building Your Home

Any major building project features various steps before, during, and after construction. No matter the task at hand, each step influences other aspects of the project and plays an important part. Land surveying is an essential proponent of the prep stage. It factors into where you build, building restrictions, and many other components and details. Here is a deeper look into why you should survey your land before breaking ground on your new home.

Establishes Boundaries and Borders

There are many ways to survey land and various types of measuring tapes used in surveying. No matter the form or tools used, surveying maps out your land. It shows you your property’s borders and boundaries. Knowing where your land starts and stops provides many benefits. It prevents you from running into trouble with your neighbors and scales out your property, allowing you to make accurate blueprints.

Lets You Know What You’re Working With

Surveying land also goes beyond collecting measurements. It includes taking stock. Certain forms of land surveying record the different geographic features on your land, from trees to hills. It lets you know what you are working with, allowing you to better plan your project. The more information you gather about your property, the more things you get to consider and prep for. It also helps you better budget. Removing trees, flattening out surfaces, and dredging swamps add more costs to your build.

Plots Out Property Placement

Mapping out your property’s borders and land features allows you to pick a spot with the most open land and space for your home. It lets you plot out your build and find the best placement option. Without the information collected from a land survey, you risk overstepping your boundaries, running into unforeseen issues, and spending more money and time on the project. Survey data allows you to plan thoroughly, place your home in the best spot to build and enjoy, and minimize possible issues.

Helps With Legalities and Compliances

Did you know different cities and counties hold varying building laws? Some places provide particular regulations that affect what you do with your land. Certain areas enforce nature preservation laws. They require you to leave particular parts of your property untouched if it houses a certain species or ecosystem.

Other towns provide building regulations that affect how you build your home and potential perks. Tiny homes get certain tax reductions for environmental incentives. However, qualifying as a tiny home requires limitations on the square footage of your build. Land surveying allows you to plan and plot out your property in accordance with legal requirements and other compliances.

There are many reasons why you should survey your land before building your home, from designating boundaries to meeting legal regulations. Before you break ground for your new home, make sure to survey your land. It helps you better plan your build and reduces future issues for the project down the line.

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