Common Issues Bad Weather Brings to a Construction Site

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Common Issues Bad Weather Brings to a Construction Site

Many things can delay the progress on a construction site. Among the biggest is the weather, and with bad weather comes a few extra problems. Check out these common issues bad weather brings to a construction site.

Damaged Equipment

Severe or bad weather has the potential to damage the equipment necessary to complete a construction job. Even good weather can create problems. It’s important to have a security plan in place to avoid any troubles the weather may cause you.

Create a security plan based on your location and the current season you are operating in. Of course, during the colder months, you need to prep for snow. During the spring, summer, and fall seasons, you’ll need to prep your equipment for heavy rainfall and high winds.

Never leave any equipment lying around after you’ve completed a job or task for the day. Store everything away in a secure location that keeps the most sensitive areas closed off and safe.

Health Risks

It’s not ideal to have construction workers operate under bad weather conditions. Doing so opens the door for health complications your workers might endure. Fatal accidents could occur on a site that has been destroyed by inclement weather.

It’s vital for construction workers to see where potential accidents can occur. If they don’t have a clear view of the ground due to rain or fog, then someone can trip, fall, and stumble into an area with machinery or exposed electrical wiring.

Never have your workers conduct or complete any tasks during or after a severe weather occurrence. The site needs to clear out and steadily become operational again before any worker attempts to continue their work.

Destroyed Site

As previously stated, bad weather can destroy equipment, but it can also destroy a site. The current work you and the rest of your crew have completed so far can get pushed back due to damages. Certain areas on the site will need to dry and clear out before any more work gets done.

Areas like portable restrooms also fall victim to bad weather at a construction site. Make sure you prep your portable restrooms for a storm. You don’t want to return to work and have to deal with a damaged site and destroyed porta-potties.

Unfinished Tasks

Of course, bad weather delays the entire construction process. As previously stated, if the site gets destroyed, work gets pushed back because the crew must recuperate and get things back in order.

You might need to order new materials, specific parts, and more equipment if the weather had a chance to destroy it all beyond repair. Always try and account for delays when working a job. The weather is unpredictable, so there is no exact science to this. Grant yourself an elongated timeline just to be safe.

You will deal with bad weather issues while working in construction, but if you plan and prepare, they might not affect your progress too much.

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