What To Consider Before Finishing Your Basement

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What To Consider Before Finishing Your Basement

Before you jump right into the remodeling process for finishing your basement, take a step back and observe your space. There may be issues hiding under the surface that you must address before proceeding with your project; start by exploring what to consider before finishing your basement.

Inspect Your Foundation

Before you start the process of finishing your basement, it’s critical to assess the current state of your home’s foundation. If your unfinished basement shows any signs of foundation damage, such as cracked walls or floors, call a professional contractor for a foundation inspection. If you go through all the trouble of finishing your basement without first checking your home’s foundation, your brand-new basement could face the consequences. Cracks in your foundation can become cracks in your new drywall or ceiling, which may lead to structural damage. Structural damage can jeopardize the safety and stability of your home, so never skip the step of inspecting your foundation.

Address Any Water Damage

Water damage can show up in your basement for a variety of reasons. Many homes have plumbing that leads downstairs to the basement or crawlspace area; when this basement plumbing leaks and goes unrepaired, it can cause water damage. In addition, basements often experience floods from natural weather conditions or as a result of backed-up sump pumps. If your basement shows any signs of water damage, schedule a remediation appointment immediately to prevent mold growth and other issues. Water damage also affects the structure of your home, which puts your house at further risk. Be sure to address any water issues, and never cover up existing water damage with insulation, drywall, and other basement finishing steps.

Prevent Future Damages

Cleaning and removing existing water damage is crucial before finishing your basement, but you should also address the source of the damage. Ensure you call a plumber to fix any leaking pipes or ductwork. When it rains, make sure your gutters and spouts provide effective runoff away from your home’s foundation. You should also monitor the humidity levels in your basement to ensure moisture levels don’t spike and cause mold growth. For example, you can utilize a system such as a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels under control.

Outline a Design

Finally, don’t jump head-first into a basement remodeling project without understanding your goals for the end result. Contemplate certain factors like whether you want insulation added to your space before you apply drywall. Consider your ceiling and leave space for recessed lighting if necessary. Ask yourself what type of flooring you want to install. Making these decisions in advance will help your project move along smoothly.

Now that you know what to consider before finishing your basement, you should have a better understanding of how to proceed. Making plans and repairs in advance will help you form a better roadmap for your project, leading to a successful remodel and a final product you’re thrilled with.

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