Things People Forget When Preparing for a Hurricane

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Things People Forget When Preparing for a Hurricane

If you’re building a home in a coastal area, you’ve probably read plenty about storm-proofing your house. There are checklists and all kinds of advice available to harden the structural integrity of your seaside retreat.

But when the storm warnings come, there are things people forget when preparing for a hurricane. Add these items to your checklist so you’ll be ready before the winds reach hurricane force.

Home Preparation

Include hurricane clips in your building plan: these secure your roof and trusses to your home’s frame and the frame to the foundation. They distribute the stresses from the wind’s force throughout the structure, making it less likely that the storm will blow the roof off your home or rip the walls from the foundation.

Some coastal areas, particularly those in South Florida, require that you install hurricane impact windows and doors. Don’t forget the garage door: a blown-out garage door gives wind and rain a large entry into your home, intensifying the blasts of wind and flooding that can cause damage.


Your storm storeroom may be stocked with enough nonperishable food and water to last every person in the house for at least three days (a gallon a day per person). However, if you or a member of your family takes medication for a chronic health condition, will you have enough available to get through the storm?

Pharmacies have restrictions on refilling medications before they’re due. Check with your doctor on how to obtain an emergency supply of medication.

Spare Glasses

In the rush to secure your home and/or evacuate, you could forget a spare pair of glasses or contacts. Keep a spare pair of glasses or extra contacts packed in your evacuation bag in the event your specs are damaged, or you lose a lens. Remember to have an extra bottle of lens solution with you, too.

Emergency Noisemaker

If the worst happens, and you’re trapped in debris that was once your home, an emergency whistle or other noisemaker can help rescuers locate you. If you’ve become hoarse from shouting over the roar of the wind, a whistle is a good substitute to get attention from first responders.

Pet Supplies

You’ve got food and water for the humans in your home, but what about Spot or Fluffy? Some people forget about their pets when preparing for a hurricane. Your dog or cat will be terrified by the sounds of the storm, but if they’re sheltering in place with you or heading out to higher ground, you’ll need food and water for them, too.

Stock up in advance or pack a few single-serving cans of pet food, plus a food and water bowl as part of your evacuation supplies. Bring their vaccination records with you, and make sure they’re microchipped and tagged so you can retrieve them if their fear drives them to run and they are lost in the confusion.

Personal Hygiene Supplies

Your water may be contaminated by an extreme storm, so showering or bathing may be out of the question during and immediately after a hurricane. Stock up on sanitizing wipes for your hands, dry shampoo, feminine hygiene products (and disposal bags), and mouthwash to help you maintain a little dignity as you wait out the storm.

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