Why Natural Wood Features Are Popular Home Design Trends

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Why Natural Wood Features Are Popular Home Design Trends

Natural wood features are returning to the limelight. There are numerous ways to incorporate wood into a home, from exposed wood beams to hardwood floors and statement wall paneling. Wood also comes in various forms, including bamboo, solid hardwood, engineered wood, and composite lumber, offering a range of design styles and purposes. Here’s why natural wood features are popular home design trends again and why you should consider them in your next build or renovation.

Natural Textures

Texture enhances any space, creating visual appeal and adding character. For many interior design styles, such as bohemian, rustic, and contemporary, texture plays a key role in achieving a desired aesthetic. And wood is one of the few materials that provide natural texture. Different wood species feature various burls and patterns on their surface, offering unique designs per plank. Adding wood into a home means implementing a unique textured feature that will enhance the space with a one-of-a-kind appeal.

Symbolic Meaning

As a natural material, wood embodies nature. For many people, nature signifies nurturing, serenity, peace, and calmness. Implementing wood and other natural features into your home brings in everything that nature embodies.

Wood features also create a holistic connection between people and Mother Nature. Since natural design features bring the outdoors in by recreating the atmosphere and experience of being outside, they also strengthen one’s bond with nature. In many spiritual philosophies, physically and theoretically being closer to nature builds a better bond between people and Mother Earth.

Wood Versatility

As we mentioned above, there are numerous types of wood. Each different wood species and type offers different benefits for various purposes, making wood a versatile building and design material. Engineered hardwood, for example, provides a durable flooring option. Solid wood makes great statement pieces such as live-edge shelves and countertops. The flexibility of bamboo—which is technically a grass—makes it a great accessory piece for intricate design details. And composite wood’s meld of materials strengthens it to withstand outdoor influences, making it a popular decking choice.

Design Versatility

Along with purpose versatility, wood also offers design versatility. Numerous interior styles implement wood features into their design concepts. Modern designs use wood as a means to achieve their desired balance between nature and industrialism. Rustic and bohemian aesthetics use wood for its raw textures and imperfections to add detail and character to a space. And cottagecore, coastal, and shabby chic design styles incorporate wood to add lightness, connect to nature, and exude a whimsical atmosphere.

Other popular design styles that incorporate a lot of wood include Scandinavian, eclectic, farmhouse, and Southwestern. Plus, wood can also be installed in various patterns, from regular horizontal strips to herringbone and chevron.

DIY Manageable

Compared to tiles, using wood for floors and walls is much easier. There’s a range of ways to install wood, from a classic nail-and-hammer method to a floating insertion using click-and-lock or peel-and-stick installation solutions. Wood installation minimizes the need for professionals and various extra tools, making it DIY friendly. The wood itself is also DIYable, as you can switch up its look with different paints and stains.

Natural wood features have returned as popular home design trends for numerous reasons. From its DIY compatibility to its aesthetic design, wood makes a great natural material to use when you’re renovating or designing various spaces. No matter how you implement wood into your build, it’ll enhance your home in value, appeal, and quality.

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