The Best Tools To Efficiently Improve Drywall Installation

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The Best Tools To Efficiently Improve Drywall Installation

Drywalling does require specialized tools to achieve a pristine finish, just like any other contractor job. Installing and hanging drywall seems simple enough, but that assumption can result in a sloppy job. Fortunately, you can purchase the best tools to efficiently improve drywall installation.

Automatic Taping Tools

Recently, the drywall industry has introduced automated tapers to apply the tape simultaneously and swiftly. This tool boosts speed while improving safety and reducing physical strain. With the taping tool, you can complete the process in half of the time you would with a manual counterpart.

In addition to getting more work done in a shorter amount of time, you prevent any wear and tear on your body that usually comes with the job. Installing drywall means a lot of repetitive movements that can put a strain on your back and shoulders.

With an automated taper tool, you finish the job faster, avoid those repetitive movements, and decrease any painful aches.

Electric Drywall Saw

The electric drywall saw improves efficiency with its ability to cut through a sheet of drywall easily. Typically, contractors need this tool for larger-scale projects. If you have a basement or an entire room that needs work, you need this saw.

Don’t confuse a jab saw with an electric drywall saw. Some people think the two are interchangeable, but that’s not the case. Use the jab saw to cut holes in the drywall, but not for measurements greater than six inches.

Drywall Knives

Typically, it would help if you had three standard knives: a joint knife, a 10-inch taping knife, and a 12-inch drywall knife. The joint knife gets the ball rolling with its four-to-six-inch blade. Their smaller size allows them to get into tight crevices and apply the first layer of mud to the joints.

The 10-inch taping knife applies the second layer of compound. The narrow designs make for a smoother finish to the edges. The 12-inch drywall knife has a flexible blade used for feathering the final coats of the mud.

A Cordless Drill

Contractors used to fasten drywall with a hammer and nail. This process consumes more time than necessary. Cordless drills can complete this task in a much more efficient way. The gun’s design automatically loads up the next screw after each placement.

An 18-volt drill with a clutch quickly draws screws into the wall without any stripping, and the grip helps prevent the screws from turning once fully inserted. And, of course, you can move around easily with a cordless drill. You can keep working without stopping to change electrical outlets.

Speed up your drywall installation process by incorporating these tools into your routine. You’ll notice how much faster you get the job done from the increase in productivity, and you’ll be relieved from any aches and pains you previously experienced. Watch how these tools efficiently improve your drywall installation process.

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