Things You Should Wear as a Construction Worker

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Things You Should Wear as a Construction Worker

As a construction worker, it’s your responsibility to wear the appropriate safety attire to work each day. There are plenty of things you should wear to work other than a hard hat.

Although the hard hat is an essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for this industry, you should also wear the right clothes and other PPE when you’re on the job. Here is your guide on things you should wear as a construction worker.

Eye Protection

Depending on your job site, you might need to wear different pieces of eye protection. For example, safety glasses are one of the more common forms of eye protection you will see on a construction site. But a face shield is much better at protecting your eyes if you’re working in an area with plenty of falling debris. Wearing safety goggles offers you a nice middle ground between these two extremes, but owning all three will benefit you throughout your construction career.

Ear Protection

Let’s face it: construction tools are extremely loud. You must wear earmuffs or earplugs to work so that you don’t damage your hearing.

Foam earplugs are often the cheapest option, but they won’t be as effective as industrial earmuffs or earplugs molded for your ears specifically. Preserving your hearing is essential in the construction industry because if there’s a safety issue at hand, you need to hear your coworkers.

Foot Protection

You will be on your feet for most of your time spent in the construction industry, so you will want to invest in comfortable work boots. However, they must be protective because construction workers are always at risk of getting hurt by large objects, slippery surfaces, and sharp items damaging their feet.

Your work boots need enough strength to handle whatever comes their way, but they also need to have adequate slip protection. You should choose your boots wisely unless you plan on replacing them often.

Hand Protection

A construction worker could wear many different gloves, including rubber, leather, and cotton gloves. Each of these glove types is suited for different purposes and offers varying protection levels. If you plan on working with freezing or extremely hot materials, you may want to wear Kevlar gloves.

Other Types of Construction Workwear

Coveralls are a fantastic garment for construction workers. Outside of PPE, you must wear the right pants and shirt to work each day. Your job might even require you to wear coveralls if you work closely with electrical materials.

Overall, appropriate attire for a construction worker should provide practical benefits instead of aesthetic ones. You might not look like a fashion model, but you will stay safe and get the job done. Now that you know which things you should wear as a construction worker, go ahead and order whatever you don’t already own.

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