Must-Have Features for a New Construction Home

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Must-Have Features for a New Construction Home

Most builders offer a selection of upgrades to standard model homes; customer builders can go much farther in making your new construction home uniquely suited to your lifestyle. Either way, you should think about including these must-have features for a new construction home in your plans.

Storm and Fire Resistance

Recent years have made it obvious that windstorms, floods, and fires are increasing in intensity. New homes must take that into consideration in their design. You should have steel-reinforced walls, insulated concrete, and hurricane clips and anchor bolts to hold the roof to the walls and the walls to the foundation. Insulated concrete blocks increase energy efficiency, resist the spread of fire, and stand up to earthquakes and windstorms better than wood-framed homes.

Smart Home Devices

Soon, builders will be able to connect nearly every mechanical system in a home with an app or a smart device that regulates its behavior. Thermostats and HVAC systems, door locks, alarm systems, security cameras, and garage doors can all be connected through a secure network to your phone or tablet with an app, allowing the homeowner to program their preferences.

Fiber-Optic Cabling

High-speed broadband can reach directly into the home with FTTH or FTTP (“fiber to the home” or “fiber to the premises” connections. Fiber optic cabling is less expensive and more durable than you might think, and more internet providers are making fiber optic connections available to residential buildings.

Heated Floors and Driveways

If you remember what a tile floor felt like on your bare feet on a winter morning when you were a kid, you’ll appreciate modern heated floor systems. These radiant heat systems send hot water through piping in the subfloor. Outdoors, you can have a heated driveway with pipes under your driveway that add anti-freeze to the hot water to ensure that snow and ice melt on contact.

Electric Kitchen Appliances and Tankless Water Heaters

There’s simply no question anymore about the urgency of reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuels. Gas stoves are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Consider switching to energy-efficient electric kitchen appliances like induction cooktops.

Tankless water heaters also use significantly less energy to maintain a constant supply of hot water. Using an electric heating element, these systems heat water in the pipes it travels through and doesn’t store it in a tank.

Universal Design

Universal design creates spaces that are accessible and usable for people of all abilities. Universal design anticipates that residents or visitors to the home may use mobility aids, may have vision or hearing impairment, or may develop other disabilities that could make navigating the building environment difficult. A home built with universal design principles is ready for residents who want to age in place while enjoying their home to the fullest.

These are just a few must-have features for new construction homes. Custom builders can add built-in shelving, under-cabinet lighting, customer larder or pantry cabinets, integrated or overlaid refrigerators, breakfast nooks, and huge mudrooms with dog-washing stations. Use your imagination and work with your builder to determine which features fit within your budget and make sense for your building site.

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