Ways To Make a New House Look More Vintage

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Ways To Make a New House Look More Vintage

Building a new home requires innumerable decisions, from the number of bedrooms to the types of mechanical systems. Then there are design decisions that distinguish your new home and give it charm and character. Here are some ways to make a new house look more vintage.

Choose Vintage Doors

Paneled garage and entry doors add more character than plain ones. You can choose from new doors that are made to look traditional or explore architectural reclamation stores to discover abandoned treasures that add a vintage touch to the exterior of your new house.

Don’t neglect the same level of detail for doors inside the home. Even if your new house has a trendy, open floor plan, you’ll still have closet and bedroom doors to work with.

Add Decorative Details

Wainscotting, crown molding, and ceiling medallions bring the charm of the past into your new home. Vintage-look tiles and claw-foot tubs have the same effect for bathrooms. In the kitchen, disguise modern appliances with wood-panel fronts and add vintage drawer and cabinet door pulls.

Change Light Switches and Fixtures

Old houses used push-button light switches, and light fixtures had more character. Consider wall sconces, pendant lights, and chandeliers to add charm and elegance to your new home’s rooms.

Use Natural Materials

Granite or stone countertops and hardwood flooring add character and a sense of history to a new house. In bathrooms and kitchens prone to humidity and spills, get the look of vintage natural wood flooring with the durability and water resistance of luxury vinyl flooring, either in the form of LVP or LVT.

Add Wood Beams and Paneling

Using wood throughout the home makes it look more vintage. Try replacing drywall with wood paneling or shiplap (where building codes allow) or put wood paneling over drywall.

Wood ceiling beams look rustic but can also look forced and fake if used incorrectly. Consult an interior designer about spacing wood ceiling beams and choosing the right style and color. Your architect and builder can advise you about the structural impact of adding beams to a plain ceiling.

If you love the look of wood beams, go all in and build a post-and-beam home that shows off its beautiful wood bones in every wall and ceiling.

Choose a Vintage Paint Palette

Many paint manufacturers have come out with classic collections and color pairings that evoke a particular era or architectural style. For example, Sherwin Williams offers historic interior and exterior collections. They also offer a collection of colors based on the styles of particular decades.

It’s best not to overpower your home with a theme throughout; a vintage feel comes in the details. Choose one room to evoke a decade that was meaningful to you. Through the rest of your home, simply add trim, paneling, or natural materials to give a cozy sense of home.

You and your architect can work together to discover other ways to make a new house look more vintage without compromising modern convenience, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

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