Alternative Ways To Utilize a Chain-Link Fence

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Alternative Ways To Utilize a Chain-Link Fence

For many people, a chain-link fence is an option that they might consider only as a last resort, but it has many great attributes that help it maintain popularity. You can cover these fences in a multitude of ways or simply add to them to make your yard shine. Here are just a few creative ideas of alternative ways to utilize a chain-link fence.

As an Alternative for Storage

Chain-link is durable, and with the level of strength that it can hold, you could easily hang storage racks from your fence with no problem. This gives your fence an added level of privacy and helps you organize some of your gear and equipment, freeing up space in your house and garage. There are few limits to what you could add to your chain-link fence. If organized well enough, it won’t be too much of an eyesore and could serve as an addition to your garden or an extension of your greenhouse or workshop.

A Trellis for Your Hanging Garden

For those who have green thumbs, a chain-link fence is a perfect excuse to have a massive trellis. You could section off your fence and have an entire garden growing all around your yard if you wanted. It would be the perfect support to use for tomatoes or any vining plant that grows tall. As you plant your garden, consider the best fruits and vegetables to grow on a fence. Many problems arise from having gardens in the ground, from pests to rot and mold. Whenever you have aboveground gardens, these problems tend to be alleviated, or at least more controllable than they would be on the ground.

An Art Gallery To Spruce Things Up

For those with an eye for art, you might put up your own pieces, and they don’t have to be paintings. If you sculpt or make art from other things, you could easily put all these things on display for the neighbors to see. People love driving by homes where the owners aren’t afraid to express themselves to show off their talents. At the very least, you could put up colored screening on your chain-link fence to make it look more like a traditional fence and then hang your art. This would provide a nice background without making your yard look too much like a junkyard or outdoor flea market. Instead, it will look like your own unique expression.

There are few limits to what you can create with a chain-link fence. It’s an easy and inexpensive alternative to wooden fences that you must replace every couple of years. Why not have something that lasts for decades? These mark just a few alternative ways to utilize a chain-link fence to make the most out of your yard full of chain-link fencing. Try it out and see what you think for yourself. You might be surprised at the outcome.

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