Helpful Tips for Buying Carpet for Your Home

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Helpful Tips for Buying Carpet for Your Home

Professionals typically handle most aspects of home remodeling, so many homeowners are unfamiliar with the process. However, inspired by popular remodeling TV shows, more and more homeowners are taking the initiative to carry out these projects themselves. One such project is carpet installation.

When purchasing and installing carpet for the first time, people who are inexperienced in remodeling are prone to a few common pitfalls. Check out these helpful tips for buying carpet for your home so that you can put in your order like a pro.

Pick Great Padding

A carpet is only as good as its padding. Carpet looks soft, but the thing that really makes your floor comfy is the padding beneath the carpet. Otherwise, the carpet would only thinly cover a hard wooden or concrete subfloor. It’s recommended that your padding be at least 7/16 of an inch thick with a density of 6 pounds per cubic foot. This support will give you a plush foundation to place your carpet over.

Consider the Piles Thickness

Carpet pile refers to the loops of fabric that make up the carpet. A thick pile means the rug is soft and shaggy, with big, long strands of fabric. A thick pile is beloved for its softness, but it can also present some challenges. Dirt can more easily embed itself into the long fibers, and the thickness means more resistance when you’re walking. Also, if you have a pet, high piles will collect and hold much more hair than a low-pile material. These might not seem like significant issues, but they can add up over years of use. So you’ll want a low-pile rug in high-traffic areas because it’ll be easier to clean and maintain.

Measuring for Materials

When you’re learning how to measure carpet, it’s important to know how to account for the extra carpet you’ll need. No job happens without mistakes, so you’ll need to get some bonus material for insurance. If you’re installing the carpet yourself, you’ll also have to accommodate the extra carpet you’ll need for the doorways. Then, you’ll want to tack on a few more inches just in case. In total, you should add about 5% to your total carpet so that you have enough material to finish. If not, you’ll likely run out of carpet before you’re done.

Consider the Material

When picking out carpet, we often get so lost in the style that we forget about arguably the most important aspect: the material. Essentially all carpets are made of synthetic materials, so they all have a certain level of water resistance. But nylon is typically considered the most durable of all the materials used for making carpet.

The material is also what determines the plushness and feel of the fabric. High-end nylon and polyester are generally thought to be the softest, most luxurious materials.

After checking out these helpful tips for buying carpet for your home, you can feel confident purchasing everything you need for the project.

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