How To Tell if a Home Electrical System Needs To Be Repaired

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How To Tell if a Home Electrical System Needs To Be Repaired

Faulty electricity in a house is both a nuisance and a potential safety risk for you and your family. Check out how to tell if a home electrical system needs to be repaired so that you can identify when something is wrong with your power.

Frayed Wires

Over time, wires can decay or become frayed. This is typically just because the wires are old, and they’ve started to corrode. The other reasons that would cause damaged wires are nicks, pierces by a nail, or being chewed on by a rodent. If you are lucky enough to discover frayed wires before they cause more damage, consider yourself lucky. Then, get an electrician to replace them as soon as possible; you want to avoid any more serious issues.

Hot Lights Switches or Outlets

The outlets and light switches should be cool to touch, even when in use, so if you notice that they are heating up, consider this a problem. If you spot a defective light switch early, you can hopefully replace it before the issues leak into the wiring. However, if you notice that the outlets and wires heating up as well, this could mean that the problem isn’t just with the ports but with the overall system.

Flickering or Dimming Light

If you notice, even with new light bulbs, that the light fixtures in a room look quite dim, then that could mean that something is causing limitations with the voltage output. Also, a flickering light could be a sign of electrical damage, but with both of these issues, you should make sure that the problem isn’t with the light fixture itself.

Crackling, Buzzing, Popping

If you ever hear crackling, buzzing, or popping sounds come from an outlet or behind the drywall, turn off the breaker to that room immediately. This could indicate a sparked fuse When this happens, check for any smoke smells because you want to make sure that the burst didn’t result in an electrical fire.

Aluminum Wires

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, individuals used aluminum for electrical wiring because of copper’s high prices. However, what they didn’t know at the time is that aluminum oxidizes much faster than copper wiring and can cause fires. So, if you have a home’s electrical system is from the 70s, check your wiring to confirm it is copper.

Breakers Frequently Trip

Breakers trip when a system becomes overloaded past its capacity, so if yours frequently trips without cause, that means there is a problem with your electrical system that is limiting your power. If you worry about frequent trips, call an electrician to inspect your home.

If a problem with wiring or outlets goes unchecked, it can potentially cause thousands of dollars in damage and risk the lives of the residents. That is why it’s so important to know how to tell if a home electrical system needs to be repaired.

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