Signs To Know When Evaporative Cooling Repair Is Needed

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Evaporative cooling systems are not new to the market. However, recently they have started gaining popularity because of the many advantages that come along with these coolers.

They provide the best air quality to your house as they have a unique technology of bringing fresh air inside the house instead of circulating the same air. It adds humidity to the air and is best for dry places. Controlled humidity in the air is also good for the eyes and skin.

These coolers work exclusively on air accumulation methods. This captures the water from the environment and delivers fresh air creating the area temperature cooler than the temperature outside. However, it works otherwise from the central conditioning devices and doesn’t fluctuate the amount of cool and fresh air on voltage cutoffs.

However, due to a lack of maintenance regularly, you need cool air evaporative cooling repair.

Well, cool air has the most durable evaporative coolers, but sometimes you do need to repair them as they get older with time. Here we have mentioned the signs that will indicate if you need cool air evaporative cooling repair

Does Not Start

This is a very common indication. If the unit does not start, then it means that the fuse has blown up. You should replace the fuse as soon as possible.

Even after replacing the fuse, if it doesn’t start, then there must be a problem with the wiring system. There may be a problem with the breaker which is giving a false start.

It is better to call a professional for the repair.

Strange Odor Releasing From The Unit

This is a very frequently occurring problem that occurs due to continuous over usage of the unit.

The bad smell comes due to stagnant water present inside the cooler over a long period. Molds might be forming inside the unit which is a cause for bad odor. That is why a regular change of water is a must.

You should immediately take the unit for a repair, otherwise, if you continue using the cooler in this state, then more damage will occur.

Low Airflow

Low airflow is mainly caused by the blockage of exhaust vents. You should look if the dust particles are causing a blockage in the pipes.

Low airflow will result in poor cool air circulation in the house. You should call a professional expert for coolair evaporative cooling repair.

Water Leakage

If you see water leakage or dripping from your evaporative cooler, then it is time for a repair. You need to find out the leakage areas and seal them as early as possible.

These leaks occur due to improper storage of water during the winter days. You need to empty the tank and seal the leaks. It is a good idea to clean the pads and the tank before reusing them.

If water leakage persists, then you need to hire a professional to repair it.


If you see the formation of rust in some areas of the unit, then you should repaint the particular area. Blades and pumps rust over time due to contact with moisture and water vapor. Regular cleaning and removing dust from them will prevent rusting.

Wrapping Up

As of now, you know all the warning signs that indicate when you need cool air evaporative cooling repair. Now you can maintain your evaporative coolers, bringing fresh air to your home for the long run.

If you regularly maintain your coolers, then they will maintain their efficiency. However, you might need professionals for good repair and maintenance.

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