Safety Precautions Before Renovating Your Basement

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When you’re renovating your basement, you need to do a few things before gutting anything. Here’s our list of safety precautions to take before renovating your basement that you should look over before you start making any changes to your basement.

Check Your Foundation

Before you start any construction project, the golden rule is to check your foundation and fix it if necessary. Leaks and cracks are pretty common in basements, and you’ll need to repair them before any renovations can occur. When cracks develop in the foundation, they can weaken the concrete, potentially leading to foundational issues in the future. If you don’t fix these issues quickly, your home will be in jeopardy, and you’ll have to postpone renovations. Other indicators of a poor foundation include horizontal cracks, stuck windows, and slanted floors.

Review Code Violations

Many old basements have code violations. Have a specialist come in to examine your basement, see if it’s violating any codes, and advise you on how to fix them. Two common issues in basements are old vinyl flooring and lack of egress windows. Up until the 1980s, vinyl flooring was filled with asbestos insulation to trap heat. Any home built after 1980 was required to meet newer building codes to be considered habitable, but you may have to remove vinyl floors if your home is older. Discuss these codes with a local city official to find out the best ways to remedy any violations.

Get Rid of Water Issues

Analyze your walls, ceiling, and flooring for any signs of water damage, such as a leaking pipe. If you encounter any water issues, eliminate them before placing down any new insulation or Sheetrock. If you ignore these issues, you’ll have to pay more to fix them in the future.

Use Proper Insulation

Even if you don’t spend a ton of time in your basement, skipping the insulation is a big no-no. Insulation—especially more modern insulation methods—actually has more benefits than simply keeping the space warm. It can save on energy costs in very warm or cold climates, since you won’t have to run your HVAC system around the clock. Plus, it will effectively protect your home’s foundation and structure from unwanted elements.

As far as best practices go, we recommend using spray foam because it’s efficient. It glides along cracks and holes to keep drafts and condensation out. It costs a bit extra, but it’s a better alternative to other methods.

If you’re following our guide on what safety precautions to know before renovating your basement, we want to give you confidence in what to look for before renovating. These awareness tips will help you complete a renovation that won’t cause you problems down the road. So, take care and take precautions before renovating your basement. These tips will help you save more money in the future.

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