The Uses, Benefits, Preparation Method For Polished Concrete

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Polished concrete is a new and advanced form of concrete that makes use of concrete along with quartz, aggregates, and other colorful stones to make a sophisticated surface. Using of this concrete has so far been mostly done on floors but these days’ engineers and architects are pushing the limits and extending the versatility by using it on the walls and patio floors.

Polished surfaces of concrete can be found to be used mostly in commercial projects because they have to be highly durable and cost-effective at the same time. This is a regular upgrade seen at many places. There are many DIY videos available online which you can follow and create the best concrete floor at your place at the cheapest price.

Making Process For Polished Concrete

The cheapest form of making polished concrete is using a grind and seal process. In this method, the use of a sealing substance is done over the concrete. The sealing material becomes dense over time and gives rise to smooth texture from above. The chemical hardening substance is then ground from the top to achieve the desired level of texture and a finely smooth and polished surface layer in the top.    

There are various types of fine grit materials that can be used for this purpose. A big consideration depending on the use and the volume of the project for a polished concrete surface is the amount of original surface that needs to be ground on. This will naturally depend on the various types of grits available on the amount of internal composite material is to be exposed.

Benefits Of Installing Polished Concrete Surfaces

  • Durability Factor: Some of the most common selling points for polished concrete surfaces are that it is easier to clean the surface and its high durability. It is also smoother and harder causing the least damage. When cared for properly a concrete surface that is polished can easily outlast a decade. This is the reason why large real estate contractors choose to go with this surface for their projects as it is cost-effective. This gives a long-lasting life on the floor.
  • Looks Factor: Using a surface such as concrete your guests will pretty much be in awe.  Another big factor for the polished concrete surfaces is that with a bit of tinkering many naturally appealing textures and designs can be obtained. The process largely depends on the grit that determines the polished and smooth look of the surface. Along with this, there is also composite granite or quartz stones that can help you to find a range of attractive customizable designs.
  • Cost Factor: The cost of having a polished concrete surface can depend. There is a wide variety of customizable shapes, patterns, and designs to choose from that will surely have a say. You can check out the range of customary textures and designs from your contractor or interior designer. Search for the one which works the best for you. Remember you must find out what type of grit can be used for getting the desired levels of smoothness along with the filling material that is used in the concrete.

Cleaning a polished concrete surface there cannot be an easier process. All you must do is use a rag, a bucket of clean water with some floor disinfectant, and a mop to clean the floors in a matter of minutes. The area of your house will elegant as well as shiny. You can ask some professionals to help you out with this task.

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