How Polymers Are Being Used in Construction

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Polymers have shocked and awed the world from the beginning of the 18th century, and well into the 21st. Starting off as natural polymeric substances, we had raw materials that were being used that had similar properties to the compounds that we use today in all our building processes. This guide on how polymers are being used in construction will further explain what purpose polymers serve in the industrial world today.

Uses of Polymers in Construction

Because of the many different applications that polymers hold, they can be constructed to have multiple jobs or be more job-specific to the tool being used. Polymers can take the form and be used as sealants to reinforce old windows and cracks where openings are present. You can make pipes and cement with polymers. There are many polymers used strictly as insulators, such as EPS foaming insulators. So, instead of using fiberglass, this application is made by putting on a smooth spray in layers. We have even advanced so far as to create polymer lumber that is being frequently utilized in both personal and business models.

The Flexibility of Use in Polymer Construction

It’s also important to note the various reasons to use polymer insulators. Polymers have a low conductivity of both heat or fire and electricity, making them resistant to both. They are also water-resistant and lightweight, which are huge advantages because they rarely need replacing. These substances are also very smooth and scratch-resistant, as they are also used as fillers and coatings to smooth surfaces.

Epoxy in Construction

Epoxy is another polymer that is frequently used in construction to create just about whatever you can imagine. They come in two formats, solid and water dispersions. The solids are chemical-resistant whereas the water dispersions are not, yet this type is easier on the environment as they are easier to dispose of.

Polyurethane and Polyester

Polyurethane, or polyester, is now a household commodity, as most things in construction are made with it. So, as both are gaining popularity, we need to understand why they are so popular. Polyurethane is another durable and flexible material that can stand up to a tough beating.
Polyester is not only used in crafts and DIY projects but also serves as a great insulator for electricity. Not only that, but polyester has been used for high-density projects such as bridge building, tension ropes, and even wiring.

All in all, polymers have found their place in construction from their beginnings as resin-based natural polymers that were used long ago to the more chemically fabricated wonders that you can see today. So, without these items in the world of construction, the world would be a much different place. We may not have had the ability to make it as far as we have without them, considering how polymers are used in construction on a daily basis.

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