From Dull to Beautiful: How To Improve Your Staircase

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When decorating, many people focus on the main dwelling spaces, such as the living room, dining room, and bedrooms. But they overlook the aesthetic potential of their staircases. Although Staircases may be common, this doesn’t mean yours has to look bland. With its long lines and occasional twists and turns, it can become the perfect focal point of your home’s entryway. It’s time to let yours take center stage with a few fun ideas on how to improve your staircase.

Remove the Carpet

We know—the carpet is soft, and many of us grew up believing even if all of the floors in the home are wood, the stairs must remain carpeted. We are going to challenge that idea and say firmly that this is not true. We have nothing against carpeting. It certainly has its place and does indeed soften your steps. Still, some carpets are slippery, and the loss of carpet doesn’t mean you can’t put anything soft on the stairs.

After ditching the old carpet, choose a patterned stair runner instead. This is the perfect option for stairs with beautiful wood under the carpet. Unveil that gorgeous wood! It’ll serve as an attractive foundation on which to add an interesting runner. There are many styles of runners, and they are easy to hold in place with stair rods or flooring tape. The great thing is that runners come in countless patterns, which will make your staircase more striking and hide dirt better than carpet.

Another great option for your now naked stairs is to get creative with paint. Imagine the possibilities and impressed guests when you paint your stairs in a way that people don’t expect? The sky is the limit here, and your color choices are plentiful. Have fun with it.

Dress Up the Finials

Finials draw attention to your staircase with their unique architectural designs and are perfect ways to make a statement. However, if you favor more subtle decorations, subdued finials work just as well.

Either way, paint or refinish the ones you have or replace them with something new. With so many styles and designs, and even custom-made options, finials can change the mood of your staircase completely. This is especially true when you place one at every turn. All you have to do is decide on the tone you’re trying to set.

New Spindles

Spindles truly make a staircase. Replacing the ones that are outdated or worn with new spindles instantly gives the staircase a facelift. Or, rather than following current trends, you can opt for classic or custom-made spindles to suit the era of the home and maintain its original charm.

No matter what changes you choose to make as you decide how to improve your staircase, keep in mind that a staircase is like a built-in work of art. It’s beckoning for your touch to take it from dull to beautiful. Think of it as a canvas and use it to reflect your personal style and the comforts of your home.

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