360 Virtual Tours for Homebuyers: Top 3 Benefits and Tips to Make the Most Out of 360 Virtual Home Tours

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The global pandemic has caused disruptions in the traditional homebuying processes. But, real estate technology has come to the rescue. Smart adaptations like 360-degree virtual tours have emerged as an alternative to traditional open houses and in-person showings. With 3D virtual home tours, prospective buyers can view a property on their mobile devices from the comforts of their homes.

If you are a home buyer looking to purchase a home during this pandemic, this article is for you. We are going to lay out the usefulness of 360° virtual tours for homebuyers and offer essential tips to help you make the most out of your property virtual touring experience.  

How useful are virtual tours for homebuyers?;

24/7 access

360° virtual tours allow prospective homebuyers to access the property on their mobile devices from anywhere and at any time. They can virtually go through the entire property and zoom in to know more about the spaces.


Virtual tours show the actual features and amenities to prospective buyers. This helps homebuyers in making informed decisions about the ambience and locality of the property.

Easy comparison

With 3D virtual tours available to homebuyers  24/7, they can easily compare the features and amenities of various other projects online. After thorough research and comparison, they can narrow down a few properties which they would like to visit personally.

Expert tips for homebuyers before taking 360 virtual home tours

These 3 tips will help homebuyers make the most of their virtual home tours so that their socially distanced home buying experience is as smooth as possible.

  • 1. Keep the floor plan handy

    Touring a property through a video can be a confusing experience because it’s difficult to understand the orientations of the rooms. Having a floor plan handy can make it easier. The floor plan can also provide the dimensions of each room, making it easier for you to understand the home’s layout.

  • 2. Make a list of your must-haves in a house

    Write down a list of wants and needs before you take the virtual tour. Your must-haves could be a laundry room or a finished basement and some cosmetic features like hardwood floors or crown molding. When touring, check whether the property has the things you need in a home.

  • 3. Make notes of finer yet critical details during 360 virtual tour

    Home showings, whether virtually or in-person, is an opportunity to gather information about the property that might not be included in the listing. Have a notepad and a pencil handy while taking the 360° virtual tour. Make notes of the finer details like the brand and age of the appliances used, where electrical outlets are located, and what type of lightings are used in each room.

In conclusion

Your home buying process during a pandemic is a challenge, so expect some bumps along the way. 360° virtual tours, although not perfectly ideal, can provide a safe home touring option for everyone involved in the homebuying process.

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