The Top Exterior Home Materials

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top exterior home materials

Choosing how to design your home’s exterior is an exciting challenge. When it comes to siding your home, you need water-resistant, durable, and easy-to-repair materials, but you also want them to add to your home’s overall aesthetic.

Further, some of the top exterior home materials are energy efficient and can increase your home’s value. Keep reading to learn which siding works best for your house.

Use Wood Siding Materials

Wood siding is known as bevel siding when it is installed horizontally or board and batten (a typical farmhouse style) when installed vertically. You can also have it hung in shakes and shingles for a blocky appearance that is striking and unique.

If you choose wood siding for your home, you must keep it well maintained. Ask your installer about dry rot resistance and how vulnerable your material is to splitting, warping, and water damage. Not all types of wood are suitable for all regions. The most common types of wood siding are:

  • Pine
  • Redwood
  • Cedar
  • Fir
  • Spruce

Side Your House With Engineered Wood

With engineered wood, your home will be less vulnerable to common siding problems. In addition to requiring less maintenance, the material is cheaper and easier to install. It is durable enough to last most homes 20 to 30 years and is a more environmentally friendly option than wood.

Engineered wood is recycled from sawdust and other castoff wood pieces that are bonded together. You still get the classic look of wood without the accompanying problems.

Build a Brick House

Laying brick to side your house is costly and takes a lot of time, but brick is one of the most durable materials you can use. It will likely last the lifespan of your home, though it may eventually need repairs.

Brick is best at keeping your home cool during warm months and requires little maintenance. Bricks are made of clay and come in many different colors. You can use brick to side your home and create additional structures.

Choose Stone Veneer

Cheaper than natural stone, stone veneer is a synthetic stone made from cement and pigmentation to resemble granite, slate, or limestone. Though it isn’t as durable as actual stone, it offers the same aesthetic and is easier to install. Stone exteriors express luxury and high-end living. You can make your home look more expensive with stone veneer siding.

Stick to Stucco

Houses made from stucco typically last 50 to 80 years. The material allows moisture to evaporate quickly; if you live near the coast where it doesn’t rain often, this is an ideal choice.

It is a budget-friendly option, as stucco is simply made from cement mixed with sand. Neighborhoods filled with homes made of this material are usually colorful, since stucco comes in a range of shades.

Install Fiber Cement Siding

The most popular type of siding these days is fiber cement. This long-lasting material comes in an array of colors and textures to give the appearance of wood or other materials. Fiber cement siding will last up to 50 years and expertly keeps out bugs and moisture. Fiber-cement siding is made of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber, which synergize to produce a lightweight, durable material.

Wading through the top exterior home materials and picking one can be as difficult as choosing a paint color. Look to your local professionals for help when you’re facing a project this large. You don’t have to face the events in your life that cause home repairs alone.

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