How To Choose a Heating System for Your Home

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how to choose a heating system for your home

If you’re building a new home from scratch or heavily renovating your existing one, one important factor you should consider is the type of heating system the home should employ. The heating system plays an invaluable role in keeping your home toasty during winter and cool during the summer.

There are many heating systems that you can choose from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This can make selecting the right type difficult. In this guide on how to choose a heating system for your home, we’ll go over the different types of heating systems and what to consider when you’re picking one out for your home.

Understand the Different Types

There’s an impressive variety of heating systems on the market. To choose the best fit for your home, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how each type works.

  • Furnace

    A furnace, or forced air distribution system, forces conditioned, heater air throughout the home through a series of connected ducts. A furnace can heat the air with electricity, propane, or oil but most will utilize natural gas. This is a popular type of heating system, partly due to its impressive multi-functionality. The ductwork can be used by your air conditioner during summer.

  • Boiler

    A boiler, or radiator distribution system, sends hot water or steam through pipes to provide heating to the home. This allows for zoned heating and cooling but also makes the system more expensive to install, operate, and maintain.

  • Baseboard Heaters

    A baseboard heating system can be an effective and affordable way to heat your home. There are two types of baseboard heating systems: electric and hydronic. Hydronic systems are a bit more complicated, but they’re also a lot safer than electric systems, which are prone to causing heat and fire damage.

    If you purchase a baseboard heating system, you’ll want to invest in a cover. A cover will keep your baseboard heaters safe from damage, rusting, and discoloration. You can get a cover in either metal or plastic. Make sure to carefully weigh the pros and cons of both materials before choosing.

  • Radiant Heating

    A radiant heating system will send hot water or electric heat through special tubes located in your home’s floor, ceiling, or walls. It generates heat through oil, gas, propane, or electricity. This system can last exponentially longer than other heating systems, but repairs are generally more expensive and labor-intensive.

Before You Choose

Another tip on how to choose a heating system for your home is to base your decision on more than just the type. Before you choose a heating system, there are various factors, including cost and efficiency, that you might want to consider.

Power Source

Depending on whether you need fuel, energy, or both, the best type of heating system for your home will vary. The most commonly available options include natural gas, propane, fuel oil, and electric heat pumps.

Distribution System

A forced air system will use air ducts and registers to distribute air, while a hydronic system will utilize baseboard radiators and a boiler to heat the water.

Efficiency Level

The better the efficiency, the lower your operating cost. Splurging on a higher-end system can save you money in the long run.

End Cost

You might feel tempted to purchase a cheaper system, but the price tag you see in-store or online isn’t the only factor that determines a heating system’s cost. When you’re going over your options, make sure to keep the cost of operating and maintaining the system in mind.

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