The Different Types of High-Tech Locks

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the different types of high-tech locks

The locks you use in residential construction matter significantly, since they protect the people and property inside. One solution is a high-tech lock. Smart locks are all the rage in home security due to their increased protection and technological convenience. But what exactly are the different types of high-tech locks? Here’s a short list of the best varieties to try out.

Touchscreen Locks

Many locks have taken the path that cellphones took—from simple displays to high-tech touchscreens. Touchscreen locks feature a fully reactive screen that people can use to unlock their doors. These locks work almost exactly like a smartphone lock screen. Users press their designated code onto the screen, and—voila—the door opens. Touchscreen locks are great for those who need extra light around their doorways and often cannot see their physical locks. If you can remember a passcode better than you remember to grab your keys, then this is the perfect option for your home.

Phone-Operated Locks

Smart locks are great, but they are even better when they communicate with your smartphone. TV controls, food delivery, thermostat, light switches, door locks—with the right tools, we can control almost every aspect of our lives from our phones. That’s why phone-operated locks are such a great option for homebuilders. They provide two-step security and convenience that few locks can. When users unlock their phones, they can then proceed to unlock their doors, creating a sense of extra safety when they come home.

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks are famous for their use in cinema, but they are incredibly useful locking mechanisms. They offer unique identification strategies that keep anyone except for the owner from opening the lock. Fingerprint scanners are the most common biometric lock for residential use. Users simply set up the lock to respond to one fingerprint. Then, every time they press that finger against the lock, the door opens. Biometric locks come in all types, involving the face, voice, iris, and more.

Z-Wave Locks

Z-wave deadbolts are a safe and secure hub-based lock system. Through access to a central smart hub, users can control the state of the locks from anywhere, even halfway across the world. This remote access allows you to unlock a door for a guest or help a family member when they forget their keys. You can also double-check your lock status if you can’t remember whether you locked the door. These locks come with physical backup keys, but the remote access makes it simple and easy to use.

Whether they use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, sensors, or radio waves, the different types of high-tech locks are endless. However, they do come with a downside—if the electrical part of the lock fails and you didn’t bring the physical backup, you could be out of luck. That’s why it’s essential to have backups for your backups, like a set of locksmith picks or a hidden key, just in case.

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