The Common Type Of Digital Door Lock Systems Used Both Commercially And In Homes

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The advancement in electronics has been multifold, and you can see its imprints in the new digital door locks that we see in homes. The safety and security are of price concern for any individual, and digital door locks can help ensure the safety of the place. Although there is a separate fan base for old-styled vintage locks, digital locks are making their way in every house and commercial spaces.

They provide complete security and run mostly on electric current. Different brands offer various models of digital locks, and their basic mechanism might be the same, but you can find ones with some advanced features.

Let’s take a look at the common types of digital door locks that you can choose for your house or commercial property:

Magnetic locks

One of the most common types of digital door locks is the magnetic locks. These locks are simple to operate and are much safer than the old-style latch type door locks.

This type of lock consists of an electromagnet that is placed in the door frame and an armature made of metal that is inside the door. The magnetic door locks have a switch on them, and once you press it on electric current flows through this electromagnet and this turns on its highly attractive magnetic properties which instantly brings the metal armature to it and keeps the door shut until the electric supply is stopped.

Electronic keypad digitized locks

You must have seen them installed mostly in some of the commercial places such as banks, or medical research institutes, or even in some homes.

These digitized keypad locks are way more efficient in operation and generally requires a combination of numbers to open the lock. All you have to do is set the password or the digital unlock key and require not to forget it.

You can also change the authentication key from time to time to ensure that the security of the highest measures is maintained at all times. This is a type of digital door lock that is more expensive than the common types of digital locking solutions.

RFID locks

The RFID locks work exactly similar to the locks in your car doors. These generally have a small remote that releases an electromagnetic wave signal at a specific frequency. And on the door, there is a receiver which receives and opens.

The Radiofrequency identification locks might, however, have a problem if you have lost the radio frequency emitter. They are commonly installed in garages and other commercial facilities.

Bluetooth locks

As the name suggests these types of digital door locks work using Bluetooth technology. This means that you need to have a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone to access these locks.

These locks are also completely non-physical and do not require any manual touch to operate the lock. The lock mechanism operates using Bluetooth signals and receivers.

The Bluetooth locks are commonly not used very frequently, but they also provide high levels of security.

Biometric digital door locks

These are the most highly advanced and highly secured digital door locks. As you might have seen most commonly in movies these are rarely installed in a home but are mostly used in commercial spaces such as research laboratories, defence, and ammunition research or manufacturing facilities, and even in banks sometimes. Opening biometric digital door locks require a retinal or fingerprint scan.


There are many types of digital door locking solutions available to you. Based on your requirement, you must choose the right type of digital door locks.

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