Disadvantages of Not Having Gutters

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You’ve probably noticed by now if your home has gutters or not. The simple metal drainage system is a staple of home construction, but not all houses have them. If you’re wonder whether it’s worth installing a drainage system, here are the main disadvantages of not having gutters you should know.

Basement Flooding

Though homes in many regions around the US don’t have basements, most houses do. Whether you use your basement as storage, entertainment, or living space, the area must be dry and safe. Without gutters, your water runoff from your roof flows wherever it pleases, entering undesirable locations—such as the entryways of your basement.

Stagnant pools of water often belie the corrosion happening below ground. If you have cracks in your exterior walls or brickwork, you could have water seepage that results in flooded basements. Waterlogged basements are a costly and nasty affair involving mold eradication and baseboard restructuring. Gutters help homeowners circumvent these issues.

Landscaping Destruction

Gutters funnel water away from valuable home assets—such as your landscaping—in a well-planned and reasonable path. If you have a beautiful garden with flowers or produce growing in your soil, the last thing you want is for torrential rains to wash away all your hard work. Gutters lead water away from these areas and keep them from flooding. This way, your well-maintained handiwork will stay safe, and you can keep gardening with peace of mind.

Landscaping doesn’t involve your gardens and stonework alone. It also includes your sod and soil. Water is essential to the life of plants but overwatering them can lead to their demise. Without gutters, water will pool in your yard and kill patches of grass. You can replace these patches over and over again, but without addressing the root of the problem—rainwater flow—you’ll never have a perfect lawn. Gutters will protect everything from your hedges to your sod to your flowerbeds.

Foundation Damage

Your home’s foundation is critical to the overall safety and structural soundness of your house. Like your basement, any unattended cracks in the construction will suddenly become massive problems when rain comes. Homebuilders typically craft foundations out of concrete—one of the most dependable and long-lasting materials around.

However, prolonged exposure to pools of water can weaken concrete’s strength and compromise your foundation’s structural integrity. You can head off this rainwater permeation with gutters that redirect your water flow away from problem areas. With the right system, you can send water from the roof to the edge of your property.

Once you know the disadvantages of not having gutters, you can make an informed decision about your home’s exterior features. If you do decide to install gutters, refresh yourself on the important gutter factors to consider. From home builders to home buyers, the presence, placement, and effectiveness of gutters make a big difference in the value and safety of your structure.

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