Home Projects You Should Never DIY

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home project you should never DIY

There are a lot of home renovation and building projects you can tackle on your own, but there are also some you should avoid doing alone. Whether it’s because they’re complicated, require special tools, or leave little room for error, these are the projects that are nearly impossible to successfully DIY.

By leaving these home projects you should never DIY to the professionals instead, you can make the home building process easier on yourself—and avoid injuries, the hassle of permits, and a project gone wrong.


Whether you’re demolishing, replacing, or adding something new, you’re better off leaving any electrical work to the professionals. A licensed electrician can advise you on what can and can’t be done and knows how to safely handle electrical components.

If you’re replacing an outdated electrical panel, there’s always the risk of electrocution, code non-compliance, and safety concerns. A professional can install the new panel correctly, safely, and make sure the final result is up to code.


Painting might seem like a simple task, but it’s more complicated than you’d think. There’s a whole list of common DIY painting mistakes—some small, others big— that can affect the paint’s appearance and durability.

To avoid mismatched colors, splotchy, globby paint, and other painting don’ts, consider hiring a professional painter. They’ll help you choose the right colors, handle any prep work, order the necessary supplies, and make sure the paint is applied correctly.

They’ll usually provide a warranty on their work, protecting you against common paint defects that can lead to cracking, bubbling, peeling, and non-uniform fading shortly after completion of the job. With a professional painter, you won’t have to worry about a thing. They’ll handle every step of the process.

Unfinished Basements

A finished basement can be a major selling point. However, fixing up an unfinished basement on your own isn’t always the best idea.

If you don’t have your architectural drawings and loads calculated by an engineer and/or an experienced contractor, you could wind up putting too much weight on the home. This can lead to structural issues such as cracking, bowed walls, and gaps between the wall and floor.

The same goes for expanding an existing basement. Basement expansions require careful execution. Otherwise, water can seep in and flood the space. Like any extension, your basement addition must be permitted and up to code. A contractor can deal with these issues on your behalf, saving yourself the time, effort, and headache.

Adding Windows

Another home project you should never DIY is the addition or replacement of windows. Windows can bring in natural light to an otherwise dark space, making it appear bigger, brighter, and happier.

Installing a new set of windows might seem simple, but any minor errors made during installation can have serious consequences. A poorly installed window can increase the home’s energy consumption. Furthermore, any gaps between the window, framing, and walls are an invitation for water leaks, mold damage, and pesky insects.

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