Common Hazards Electricians Face

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common hazards electrician face

Most of us simply call up our local electrician when we need electrical work done, without ever considering the common hazards electricians face. Even a well-trained and highly experienced electrician takes chances every day during regular house calls and home building projects. As an electrician, you need to prepare for anything that may come your way. Being prepared is the first step in avoiding these hazards.

Falling and Tripping

Sometimes, electrical work requires getting up on a ladder. Anytime a ladder is involved, there is a risk of falling. Replace ladders when needed, and if the ground seems unstable, don’t risk using the ladder until everything is stabilized. Keep your work area clear to avoid tripping on tools, cables, and wires. A clutter-free work area immediately lowers the risk of tripping.

Electrical Shock

Possibly every electrician’s greatest fear is an electrical shock. No matter how intense the shock may be, an electrician must prevent this scenario to the best of their ability. Never take chances assuming you can tell if a wire is live or not without testing. Take all necessary steps to power shut off when working to avoid electrical shock.


With electricity comes heat and fire. Burns are, unfortunately, a risk for electricians. Wear proper PPE according to the job you are performing. PPE decreases your chances of being burned while working.

Strain on the Body

There is no getting around it—being an electrician is hard on the body after a while. Every job is different, so there is no predicting what each day will bring. You are bound to get stuck in tight areas and uncomfortable positions as you repair and install electrical components.

There is also the daily lifting of objects, which can also be tough on the body. Unfortunately, this strain is unavoidable, though you can lessen the effects by regularly taking care of yourself with exercise, a balanced diet, and plenty of daily stretching.

Exposure To Mold

As you work in people’s homes fixing electrical issues, there is sometimes the unavoidable task of working around mold. Attics and basements are often ripe for mold. Again, preparing ahead of time with proper PPE will turn a moldy situation into something not so hazardous.

Extreme Weather

Especially when working with home building, the seasons can be drastic. One day, you are sweating and near heat exhaustion, and the next, you are suddenly chilled to the bone. As an electrician, you must be prepared for all kinds of weather and temperatures.

If you know that you will be working outside or in a building that does not have heat or air conditioning, dress appropriately. Being uncomfortable due to the temperature only leads to a job that is difficult to complete properly and in a timely manner.

Take care of yourself as an electrician, and don’t skimp on the best safety equipment and tools for yourself. Stay aware of the common hazards electrician face each day when you head out to work.

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