Different Deck Maintenance Tips To Know

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Maintaining the deck of any house and keeping it beautiful can be hard. Sadly, a deck can suffer damage and become dirty just because it’s outside all year. However, some simple maintenance is all you need to keep your deck looking nice. Here are some different deck maintenance tips to know to keep your deck in great condition.

Clean the deck

Cleaning a deck can be a simple or complex task, depending on the amount of cleaning it needs. Basic care includes sweeping off all the unwanted things with a broom. More advanced care might involve using some form of pressurized cleaner to spray the dirt off the deck. Using a specialized cleaning solution to clean the wood might be necessary, too. Do be careful, as people often make a number of mistakes while cleaning and maintaining their decks.

Repair the deck

As time goes by, your deck will need repairs to the damage that occurs over the years. Keep an eye out for any nails that have become rusted or otherwise damaged, as you’ll need to replace them. It’s a good idea to replace any deck boards that become damaged, too, as that damage will spread to the rest of the board.

To replace a wooden board, you’ll need to first cut the damaged board into smaller parts, which will give you more room to work with. The next step would be to remove the nails or screws holding the leftover wood in place. Once you remove all the wood and screws, find a new board that’s slightly bigger than the one you just took out.

The reason you want a bigger board is that wooden boards tend to shrink after installation as they lose moisture. Once the board is in place and settled, you’ll want to apply some sealant to the new board.

Seal the deck

Sealing a deck prevents it from losing its color to the sun and protects it from small amounts of wear and tear. To seal a deck, you should first clean and repair the deck to create a clean surface to apply the sealant to. There are several types of sealant that affect different materials in different ways. It’s important that you do research on which type of sealant is right for your kind of deck.

These are just some of the different deck maintenance tips to know if you want to keep your deck beautiful. Keeping a consistent cleaning schedule will really reduce the debris that can build up on a deck. Checking on your sealant every year or so will also keep your deck looking amazing. By using these few maintenance tricks, you’ll have a gorgeous deck for a long time.

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