The Most Dangerous Jobs in Construction

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The construction industry is among the most dangerous in the entire world. From working with heavy materials to working in some of the most dangerous conditions, there’s no end to the potential hazards involved in these occupations. But even within this profession, there are some jobs that stand out above the rest as having the highest chance of worker injury. These are some of the most dangerous jobs in construction and why they aren’t for the faint of heart.


Roofers have the largest rate of fatal injuries of any type of construction job—primarily due to the height at which they need to perform their work. Falls are, unfortunately, very common in this field, and OSHA requires that all professionals wear specialized fall protection equipment to best maximize safety. With these precautions in place, the rate of injury has significantly declined in recent years, but this job is still one of the most hazardous.

Road Building

Road builders also put their lives on the line every day. Tasked with laying and repairing busy roads, they regularly put themselves in the direct path of vehicles and inattentive drivers. It’s for this reason that these professionals use several different types of traffic safety equipment to make passersby aware of their presence. These tools also act as a protective barrier between the workers and the rest of the street so that, should a car swerve out of their lane, they’d have to get through the barriers first.

Steel and Frame Working

Building the framework of a new structure requires workers to weld large beams of steel together. This process alone can be very risky to a person’s hands, eyes, and overall physical wellbeing. Since steel work requires professionals to perform their duties on raised scaffolding, they’re just as likely to fall as roofers are. Additionally, the welding process can cause severe burns, should an accident occur, and the light produced from the torch can deteriorate a person’s vision. These factors combined are what make this another of the most dangerous jobs in construction.

Demolition Professionals

Even those whose job it is to tear down dangerous structures are walking a fine line. Demolition workers use heavy equipment and explosives to knock the foundation out of large condemned buildings and send them crashing to the ground. If the tools themselves that aren’t putting these workers in direct danger, then the falling building will certainly take the cake. This is why, from start to finish, demolition professionals work carefully and with a purpose. Every action on a site must get approval, and no one is allowed to destroy anything until everyone is at a safe distance.

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