Simple Upgrades To Spruce Up Your New Home

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spruce up your home

An empty house is a blank canvas that is just waiting for that spark of life from an owner to turn it into a masterpiece. Moving into a new home is a great opportunity to make some small changes that will put your own unique stamp on the place. But moving into a new home is also expensive, so staying on (or under) budget is a must. Here are some simple ways to spruce up your new home that will not break the bank.

Add Shelves

You can never have enough storage, and this extends to your shelves. There are always more pictures or mementos that can be displayed, and there’s no better way to do that than with additional shelves.

Shelves are great because of the variety of colors, styles, and sizes that they come in, allowing you to pick the best ones for your look. Aside from the look of the shelves and their contents, they can also serve a functional purpose such as holding spices in the kitchen or toilet paper in the bathroom.

Replace the Plates

The dinner variety is the only type of plate that needs to be replaced periodically. The plates that cover electric outlets and light switches can become damaged or worn over time. Not only can this look unseemly, but it is also a potential fire hazard. Replacing these plates adds personality to any room due to all the color and style combinations. For children’s rooms, it is possible to get plates with pop culture characters that each kid loves.

A Knob of a Different Color

There is clearly a theme emerging for decorating, and the next of the simple ways to spruce up your new home follows the same pattern. Replacing the fixtures for your kitchen cabinets can make the room much more inviting. And just like the cover plates and shelves before, the biggest advantage of doing this is the variety of options—in this case for the new fittings.

Following the rules for mixing and matching the hardware helps you create a style that is very distinct while still looking trendy. In the kitchen, fixtures such as cabinet handle, knobs, and hinges can all be customized based on preference. The same can be done in the bathroom cabinets, plus the towel racks and shower curtain rod. The front door is also a candidate for a new knob or handle.

Light It Up

In many cases, additional lighting has a huge impact on style but not budget. There are many places in the home that you can easily add lights. In the kitchen, putting in lighting under the cabinets is a fantastic way to brighten the room. A nightlight or floor lamp in a dark hallway can help illuminate the path.

Exterior lighting lets your family continue the outdoor activities even after the sun has set for the night. And replacing any old bulbs with energy-efficient ones can save you on your energy bill and prevent the frustration of constantly replacing bulbs. Bathrooms and overhead lighting are the two places most likely to have older bulbs.

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