Top Upgrades for Waterfront Properties

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When building a waterfront property, there are additional structures that you can create to further everyone’s enjoyment of that outdoor setting. Many of these projects revolve around water-based activities, while some are necessary for land protection. If you’re thinking about what features are worth constructing, you can gain some direction by looking at these top upgrades for waterfront properties.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is useful for waterfront properties because it prevents erosion. Without a barrier of some sort to separate the water and the earth, the water can slowly wash away the soil as it laps against it. Another benefit to this structure is that it can guard the property against flooding when the water level rises, thereby saving it from costly damages.

You can form a retaining wall from various materials, including concrete, stone, wood, and plastic. These choices give you the ability to modify the property’s appearance for the better, while also building the structure with a functional purpose in mind.

Boat Shed

Owning a boat goes hand-in-hand with having a waterfront property. Therefore, the majority of the top upgrades for waterfront properties are tied to the use of vessels. An example of this is a boat shed. A boat shed is a roofed structure that either extends out from the shoreline and stands over the water or sits near the shore’s edge.

You can store boats in it to shield them from the elements, and you can even add furniture to make it into a space that you can lounge in. If you choose to make a shed over the water, you must also include boat lifts to ensure changes in the water across the seasons do not damage your vessels.

Boat Ramp

For those that opt to erect their sheds on land, a boat ramp is a must-have improvement to make. With careful thought put into its incline angle, materials, and dimensions, the ramp will make it much simpler to move boats to and from the water. This is because you can maneuver onto it with a vehicle and a boat-carrying trailer.

You may prefer using a ramp and a more grounded storage space over a boat shed to ensure your boat is well-protected. Moreover, once built, the ramp may have fewer maintenance needs than a shed that is in constant contact with the water.


You can use a dock for more than one purpose. You can secure a boat there, and with a cover that you wrap over the vessel and a boat lift, you can transform the space into a nice area to stow the boat too.  A dock is also great for fishing, sitting outside, or getting into the water for a swim.

Because it covers so many bases, it is a common upgrade for waterfront properties. One thing to know about dock maintenance is that you must keep it in good condition over time. Regular cleaning and treatment are essential for preventing gunk from setting in firmly. It’ll also keep the deck structurally sound.

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