Residential Roofing Alternatives to Asphalt Shingles

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Asphalt shingles are very common forms of roofing among residential homes. That said, there’s a variety of beneficial alternatives on the market, too. Taking the time to look at all of your options gives you the opportunity to make your home stand out from the others. If you want to invest in a high-quality roof, consider any of these residential roofing alternatives to asphalt shingles.


Slate roofing isn’t cheap, but what you’re investing in with this roofing material is a strong, stylish, long-lasting form of protection. Slate roofing has a unique texture that provides a classy, luxurious appearance to the property. While asphalt shingles need replacing after around 12 years, slate can last for as long as a century. Plus, asphalt shingles usually wind up in landfills upon disposal. If your roof can last 100 years, you’re obviously not going to have to worry about it winding up in a landfill as well.

Aside from the price, the only downfall of slate roofing is how heavy it is. Due this weight, you’ll need to invest in structural support for your home along with the initial cost of the roof itself.


At first, the idea of putting a rubber roof on your home might not seem reliable, but these roofing systems are deceptively durable. High-quality rubber roofing can defend against the elements with ease. Plus, it can do so for as long as 50 years with very minimal requirements in terms of maintenance and general upkeep. They might not quite have the life span of slate roofing, but rubber roofs can still provide an immense amount of protection at a lower cost. Another benefit that rubber roofs have over slate is their weight. Rubber roofs are more lightweight than slate, so you can worry less about investing in additional structural support.


High-quality metal roofing is commonly referred to as “lifetime roofing” because of how long-lasting it is. On the low end, these roofs can last 50 years, but some can last twice as long as that. Metal roofing is also incredibly durable, lightweight, energy-efficient, and even eco-friendly, since it can often be almost entirely constructed out of recycled materials.

If that wasn’t enough, metal roofing can also save you money on taxes due to its energy-efficiency. In addition to these benefits, metal roofing comes in a variety of styles and colors that will give your humble abode a unique appearance. In fact, you can buy metal shingles if you still want that shingle appearance without the downfalls of asphalt ones.

These residential roofing alternatives to asphalt shingles certainly share a few benefits, such as their longevity and durability. However, the slight differences between each roofing choice is what makes each so unique and equally beneficial to homeowners. If you want your home to stand out from the others in the neighborhood in a positive way, upgrading your roof is a great way to do it.

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