How To Build a Backyard Off-Roading Track

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If you are an adrenaline junkie with a large backyard and a four-wheel-drive vehicle, adding an off-roading trail to your backyard might be the perfect addition to your home. Off-roading tracks are completely customizable to your desires, budget, and space, making them a relatively simple DIY project. Follow along to learn how to build a backyard off-roading track for adventure right outside your back door.

Preparation and Planning

The first step in building your off-roading track is to create a plan. Start by deciding how much of your available space you’d like to use for your track.

Next, create a blueprint of how you’d like the track to look. You can do this on paper or through online software. The program Sketchup, for instance, allows you to use a Google Maps image of your location to sketch a 3D blueprint of your track.

After you’ve created a plan and picked a space, map out the area with wooden stakes, flags, or other markers. This will designate the boundaries of the track and the location of different features in the space.

Securing Supplies

Once you have set a plan, you’ll need to gather supplies before you can start building. You’ll need a few hand tools, including shovels, dirt rakes, and a pickaxe. Having a couple of options for each tool and enlisting a few friends to help with the build can make the process much quicker.

To build your track, you’re going to need a lot more dirt than you had originally anticipated. Check with local construction sites to see if they are willing to donate any of their leftover dirt from excavating projects. This will help keep your costs low, and construction companies will most likely jump at the opportunity to get rid of their waste as well.

If you don’t have a tractor or Bobcat on hand, consider renting one for a few days. While this can make your backyard renovation a bit more costly than if you used an old-fashioned wheelbarrow, it will save hours and even days of work.

Building the Track

The last step in how to build a backyard off-roading track is to build the formations. Lay a ground layer of dirt with the Bobcat or tractor, making sure to pack the dirt with the shovel attachment or by driving over the area with the Bobcat itself.

You’ll then want to pile more dirt in areas where jumps, inclines, and banks will be. Use the Bobcat to dump and pack the dirt. You can also use hand tools to help shape the features correctly.

Extra Tips

Building a backyard off-roading track is simple, but a few extra tips can go a long way. Keep an eye out for large rocks in your dirt. You’ll want to remove or break these up, as these can do some serious damage to your vehicle. Lastly, make sure to securely pack all the edges of your track and create a brim around the area. Driving too close to the edge and stirring up loose dirt can ruin the structure of your track.

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