What to Know Before Operating a Mini Excavator

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A mini excavator can be a valuable tool for your home project—from installing an inground pool to landscaping. Unlike a regular-sized excavator, a compact one is easier to operate, more versatile, easier to transport, and quieter. Here’s what to know before operating a mini excavator if you are looking to try it on your next home project.

Know the Different Components

Before you step into a mini excavator, you should be aware of the different components on the inside and outside. In the cab, you will have to become familiar with the levers and joysticks, so you can safely operate the heavy machinery. For the mini excavator’s exterior, become accustomed to parts such as the tracks, undercarriage, and final drive motor. By knowing the different components of a mini excavator, you will have a better idea of how to repair it if you experience any breakdowns.

Check Oil Levels

Maintenance is the key to making sure you don’t have any issues operating a mini excavator. A vital piece of upkeep is checking the drive motor oil for any potential contamination and making sure it’s at the right level. There are a lot of dangers that can come from leakage and an inadequate amount of oil; however, keeping an eye on it is the best way to keep your mini excavator’s performance high.

Inspect Before Use

The next thing to know before operating a mini excavator is the type of condition it’s in. Mainly, you will want to see if there are any noticeable issues with the tracks, leakage, and anything else you can find. A proper inspection is essential for your safety and can prevent downtime in the process.

Wear Protective Gear

As you operate a mini excavator, you should also be wearing the appropriate gear to protect you for potential hazards. Strive to wear a hardhat, work boots, face protection, gloves, hearing protection, and visible clothing when using a mini excavator.

Watch Your Surroundings

When you finally step into a mini excavator, you also need to do your best to watch your surroundings. While a mini excavator is versatile and easier to operate, it’s still a heavy piece of equipment that can hurt a bystander.

Keep It Clean

Like any piece of equipment, you must care for it by keeping it clean. If you are sharing the mini excavator with someone else, make it a habit of wiping down the glass of the interior to ensure that cab vision can remain intact. Building a home is dirty work, and dirty equipment can result in poor performance.

Know Its Limits

The final thing you should know before you take control of a mini excavator is its limits. Mini excavators are well known for being flexible pieces of construction equipment, but you need to be aware of when you are taking too much out of it. Limitations can vary based on the mini excavator you are using, but you should be aware of the following:

  • Center of gravity
  • Bring materials closer to your cab for stability
  • Make sure your attachments are at the right angle
  • Position the blade behind you

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