Reasons Panelized Construction Is Better Than Stick-Built

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Whether you’re a homeowner looking to build a backyard studio or a contractor, you’ve probably come across phrases like “panelization” and “stick built” during your research. As a brief refresher, a stick-built structure is one that’s built on-site piece by piece.

Alternatively, panelized construction is where workers complete most of the structure off-site and then assemble it on-site. There are several reasons panelized construction is better than stick-built, so read on to learn a few of them.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest downfalls of stick-built construction is the amount of material waste. Because workers have to build and cut materials accordingly on the jobsite, there’s consistently significantly more waste at stick-built job sites. On the other hand, there’s little or no waste at a panelized jobsite.

The reason is that most companies that adopt the panelization method use high-tech computer software that identifies the most efficient material options. By choosing the right materials in the first place, you can significantly reduce or eliminate waste altogether.

The Structure Is Higher Quality and Sturdier

Arguably the primary benefit of panelized construction is its exceptional quality. Because companies that adopt the panelization method perform the initial construction off-site, they usually have climate-controlled workspaces.

Having a climate-controlled production facility ensures top-quality lumber that doesn’t shift from temperature changes before installation. Most stick-built construction crews bring (and leave) all their materials on the jobsite, which makes lumber susceptible to bowing, crooking, cupping, twisting, and splitting.

While you can work with lumber impurities, it’s best to reduce the chance for impurities because they can negatively affect your structure’s integrity.

The Building Process Is Much Faster

The other benefit that’s arguably the most attractive is the mere fact that panelization significantly reduces the construction process, which both homeowners and builders love. A stick-built structure doesn’t begin construction until the materials and workers are on the jobsite.

Construction with panelization, however, begins long before workers step foot on the jobsite. As opposed to building the general skeleton of the building with stick-built structures, a panelization crew merely assembles the walls, roof, and floors once they’re on the site. You can imagine how much faster construction goes if the walls were built beforehand. 

As you can see, it doesn’t matter if you’re the homeowner or a contractor, building a home or a backyard studio with panelization is the preferred option. While we only covered three reasons panelized construction is better than stick-built, there are many benefits that can significantly improve your timeframe and experience.

Now, if you’re a homeowner, you’re likely concerned that your design opportunities are limited with panelized construction; luckily, that’s not true. Companies that specialize in panelization are more than capable of producing a standard-size house, tiny home, or studio that you’ll love.

As with any construction project, you should perform your fair share of research to ensure the company or contractor you choose is willing and able to meet your expectations. Alternatively, if you’re a contractor who wants to buy panelized materials, you should ensure the supplier you work with does quality work; otherwise, the project will reflect poorly on you.

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