The Top Amenities Homebuyers Want

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It’s no secret that everyone wants to love where they spend much of their time—at home. And of course, as a home builder, it’s your goal to construct spaces most people can appreciate. Below, we share the top amenities homebuyers want.

An Amazing Rec Room

Rec rooms are highly sought-after—and for good reason. You can construct a bar complete with built-in shelving as well as comfortable seating. This way, folks will be able to spend the entire night in that space playing board games with appetizers and drinks in hand. On the same hand, homeowners can make this space entirely their own; think cozy couches, pool tables, and more.

Additionally, rec rooms are incredible spaces not only for adults but also for kids. This type of space grows with them, so make sure to plan for a large basement; families need enough room for safe play as well as game and toy storage. You can also turn part of this basement into a movie theater—account for electricity connections and reserve ample wall space for a huge TV. No doubt, kids will get excited about a place to watch their favorite movies. If a basement isn’t in your plans, you can also construct a loft space that doubles as a place for kids to hang out.

A Beautiful Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms give homeowners a peaceful place to start their day and relax at night. Plan for this room to be the biggest of the bedrooms and ensure it can receive tons of natural light. Plus, if you want to take it up a notch, it wouldn’t hurt to construct a private patio. Numerous homeowners should jump at the chance to be able to step out for some fresh air.

A Gorgeous Spa Bathroom

Who doesn’t want a dedicated space to unwind after a long day at work? This alone is why we recommend creating ample room for a spa bathroom. This way, the new homeowners can enjoy, for example, a luxurious soaking tub and walk-in shower with rain showerheads. Additionally, remember to build out a roomy bathroom closet—prospective homebuyers will appreciate the convenience that comes with nearby storage space.

A Refreshing Backyard Paradise

It’s natural for people to envision themselves on a beach somewhere from time to time. Why not provide an opportunity for homeowners to take a staycation every single day? There are numerous ways you can achieve this. For instance, construct a large deck or patio, or think about a pergola or lanai enclosure. These extend your options for endless hours of outdoor entertainment.

A Spacious Chef’s Kitchen

A kitchen allows anybody to replicate restaurant-quality food without having to leave their houses. So, the kitchen you construct should provide homeowners with enough space for all the appliances needed to whip up any recipe. Think about keeping the kitchen as open as possible. Along the same lines, construct a big built-in island and provide plenty of counter space.

Shockingly, some builders overlook the rooms we mentioned above. However, these are the top amenities homebuyers want, so make sure to take your time with these areas when building your next house!

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