Professional Home Building Tips: Avoid These 5 Mistakes

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When you take on the project of building your own home, you’ll rely on several different types of professionals to help you. Even so, there are some details that can get missed, leaving you with a home that will require extensive renovating. The following reminders can help you avoid the most common pitfalls, so you can enjoy your new home.

Don’t Forget to Consult an HVAC Expert

When you design your home, you’ll have to plan out where the bathrooms will be located, how many outlets will be in each room, and where you’ll position the telephone jacks. Additionally, you’ll have to choose a location for your HVAC system. Even people who remember to include the HVAC unit fail to allocate enough room for the unit, or plan for a unit that’s too small for the size of their home.

During the planning process, you should consult an HVAC professional and bring them in on the planning process. They can help you choose the right size unit for your new home, choose an ideal position for the unit, and help your contractors determine the best method for laying out the ductwork.

Failing to Take Natural Light Into Account

One of the biggest regrets some homeowners have in building their own homes is not taking the sun’s position into a response. Positioning your home in the wrong place, or failing to add enough windows, can leave you with a dark and colder environment.

You can limit how much you’ll rely on artificial light and your heating system by positioning your home with the most windows facing east and west. Additionally, adding larger windows that take up the majority of the eastern and western walls will help you bring more sunlight into your home. This will help keep your home warmer and brighter in the winter months.

Neglecting to Add a Mechanical Room

For example, you can console with professionals at Dix Hills construction companies where you’ll draw up plans and blueprints for your home with an architect or home planner. In doing so, you should create a mechanical room somewhere in your home, where you can place the machinery that runs your home.

Your home’s furnace, water heater, water well pump, and other equipment should be located in this room. You should also make sure the dimensions of the room leave plenty of space to allow you to work on the various pieces of equipment in the room. Creating a room for these components will make it easier to keep your systems in good condition, while also keeping them out of the way.

Insist on Basement Wall Insulation

Even when it’s legally required, some contractors will neglect to add a layer of insulation to your basement walls. If this is the case with your contractor, it’s a good idea to insist upon the insulation being added. Even if you have no plans to finish your basement and use it as living space, the insulation will help you conserve energy all year round. Vertical insulation panels are easy to install, and they will help protect against the loss of energy that’s common in most basements.

Check for Duct Sealing Tape

Your duct system is vital to the process of sending treated air to the various parts of your home. Much like the pipes that comprise your plumbing system, your ducts are pieced together and should be sealed to prevent leaking. If your ducts aren’t properly sealed with high-quality sealant tape, air will leak out of your ducts and cause a drain on your energy usage.

You can avoid this problem by asking your contractor to show you that duct sealing tape was used to connect the duct system. If you doubt the quality of the job, you should request a duct leakage test. This is just one reason it’s a good idea to take tours of your home throughout the construction process. It’s easier to correct a duct problem before the construction is complete.

In general, you should make an effort to work closely with your construction, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC contractors. Taking the time to evaluate their progress will help you catch mistakes early, so they can be fixed easily and at a lower cost. Your continued involvement and good relations with your construction crew can help you ensure your home will be completed with as few mistakes as possible.

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