Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

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Remodeling a kitchen can be a big project, and it’s important to make sure the kitchen is both stylish and practical. Before starting on a remodeling project, sit down and establish your priorities. Knowing essential things such as how much counter space you want, whether you want an eat-in kitchen or not, and what size appliances you’re planning on investing in can help you to plan your kitchen’s layout and design. Once you know what you want, you can get into the more intricate parts, such as style. Check out these trendy kitchen remodeling ideas for your home.

Unique cabinet and drawer hardware

An easy upgrade to make to your cabinets and drawers as you remodel the kitchen is ditching the boring hardware they came with. Instead, opt for handles and pulls with more style and character behind them. Consider getting mismatched yet similar-looking hardware for each drawer or cabinet. This can add a feel of old-world charm and coordinated elegance. This is a lower cost update that is easy enough for you to install yourself. You can also get hardware in a fun color to add a pop to your kitchen.

Interesting tile patterns

Many kitchens are ditching the boring old backsplash in favor of updated and interesting tile designs. Fish scale tile is very trendy this year and can add intrigue and whimsy to your home. It’s a fun way to incorporate color and design together in a kitchen without going too bold on cabinet color or painting. You can also part from the traditional concept of a backsplash and choose to tile an entire wall for a more dramatic feel and cohesive effect.

Consider open shelving

Open concept is all the rage in home design lately. Open air, shining natural light, and the illustrious draw of ample space are all things homeowners—and homebuyers—are on the lookout for. While you may not be able to knock down all your kitchen walls, simply removing your cabinets can create the illusion of an open concept kitchen. Install two tiers of open-faced shelving where kitchen cabinets would typically go. While this will force you to organize your dishes in an aesthetically appealing manner, it will also make your kitchen feel open and airy, without any major changes to the room’s structure.

Add mirroring to expand the space

Mirrors are another great way to get a faux open concept effect in your kitchen. If you are using kitchen cabinets, line the back of the inner cabinets with mirrors. If you are using open-faced shelving, line the wall with a mirror. This will help to reflect the natural light that already enters the kitchen. This creates an illusion of extra light, and extra light indicates extra space. To install the mirrors, consider what kind of mirror you plan to invest in. Adhesive mirrors may be a lucrative choice for their easy installment and because the mirror doesn’t need to be extremely high quality, since it will sit behind dishes all its life anyway.

No matter what you decide to do for your kitchen remodel, keep your preference and functionality at the forefront. As with any remodeling project, it can be easy to get caught up completely in style and forget a bit about function. Prioritize this and ensure your kitchen will be usable and stylish.

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