How to Landscape a Lawn That Perfectly Complements Your Home

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To fully enjoy your home, the outdoors should be as appealing and well-maintained as inside the house. A thoughtful approach to landscaping your lawn can yield a beautiful and usable area that complements your home and accommodates seasonal activities. Here are a few landscape tips to enhance your lawn and property.

Choose a Coordinating Theme

Make your lawn a complementary feature to your home. For example, if you have a ranch-style house, your lawn and gardens should work within that design to create continuity and flow. You might choose traditional florals like roses or chrysanthemums. The same principle applies for a colonial style that might work well with roses and hedges, or a cape cod structure that pairs well with peonies, pansies, or gladioli.

While there are no hard-and-fast principles for coordinating specific floral designs with a particular home style, use your creativity to develop an attractive combination of house and lawn that work together for aesthetic appeal. Experts, such as those in Clark county landscaping, can assist you in deciding on a theme.

Add Complementary Colors

Choose outdoor flowers with colors that work well with your home’s exterior. Pastel or vibrant blossoms against dark brick looks nice, as would a colorful array of wildflowers against a white or neutral tone of house paint. For lawn fixtures like a white picket fence, choose bright floral accents like purple clematis or vivid pink impatiens.

Organize Seasonal Blooms

If your lawn has enough space for a wide garden band around the home’s perimeter or along the property line, you could plant two or more rows of seasonal flowers against a hedge backdrop for multi-seasonal enjoyment.

For example, you could place spring daffodils and tulips in the front. When they wither, the next row of summery blossoms behind them would begin to bloom, and so on. You can orchestrate a harmonious blend of beautiful plants that coordinate with your home design for a spectacular impression.

Include Decorative Accents

You may want to add some garden décor for accent points. Flowerbed figurines of clay or ceramic add a fun touch, while a couple of potted plants at the garage door or near the front entrance create a welcoming vibe. A bird bath or garden seat enhance the overall feel of the outdoor area for leisure and recreation. If your property is bounded by a wall, consider hanging baskets or climbing ivy for a colorful touch.

Spending time outdoors in nice weather offers many benefits to personal health and well-being. Make your lawn area as beautiful as your home’s interior for relaxation and enjoyment.

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