Scrap Strategies: How to Prepare For Your Home’s Major Remodel

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A home remodel is often considered to be an exciting time for homeowners who want to improve the quality of their property and increase its value. From adding new backsplashes in the kitchen to creating an open floor plan, there are a number of ways to improve different parts of the building. To prepare for the remodel and get through the process, there are a few important steps to take.

Use Tarps to Cover Furniture

Home remodels often kick up plenty of dust when they involve breaking down walls or installing new cabinets. Use tarps to protect the furniture and the carpet to maintain a space that stays as clean as possible.

Rent a Roll-off Dumpster

Anyone who performs a home remodel for the first time is often surprised with the amount of construction debris that needs to be discarded during the project. Rent a roll-off dumpster for an efficient way of removing the debris from the property. Remodels that are expected to take several months will require bins that are 20 to 40 yards. You can also measure the debris that you’ll toss to determine the size of dumpster you’ll need to rent.

Many companies require that the dumpster is rented for a minimum of two weeks. You’ll also need to contact the city to ensure that you follow local codes with placing the dumpster in front of your property or on your lot. If you have any questions, contact a trash removal company like Ware Disposal for help.

Restrict Access to Construction Areas

Households with pets or children will need to be protected by limiting access to areas of the home that are under construction. There are often plenty of nails on the floor or dangerous equipment that is left out during the remodel process. Use gates to block the entryways and attempt to clean the work zone at the end of each day.

Turn the Air and Heat Off

A common mistake that is made during the remodeling process is turning on the central air or heat as construction workers complete the work. This can cause a significant amount of dirt and particles to circulate in the air, which will settle on furniture and personal belongings throughout the building. This is also necessary when the floors are in the process of being sanded, which kicks up plenty of dirt. Extra air filters should be kept on hand and changed every week or two.

Although it may be stressful to perform a major home remodel, by preparing for the process, you can avoid complications and enjoy the satisfying changes to your home.

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