Flip or Flop? Tips for Taking on Your Next Home Project

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Have you always dreamed of buying an old house and restoring it to its former glory? Maybe you want to restore the house for your own family to live in, or perhaps you want to do it as an investment. Either way, there are some basics you should be aware of before you begin.

Check out the zoning regulations where your house is located.

  • There are numerous regulations regarding any changes to your historic house.
  • The state in which the house is located may require review by a commission to determine the impact of changes. They may also require funding and licenses/permits different from the local community.
  • There are sure to be regulations placed upon any changes to the building by the local government. These requirements may be part of the local zoning bylaw or a bylaw pertaining to historical preservation.
  • Many neighborhoods have regulations that apply to all houses, historic or not, such as paint color.

Keep it authentic.

Research what was authentic to the time that the house was built. There is nothing worse than going into what was once a beautiful old home and finding the inside has been painted with garish colors and the beautiful molding has been stripped and replaced with some modern and inferior woodwork. Learn all of the details about historical preservation for this age, and be true to the house’s beginnings.

Modern conveniences can be added without losing the look of authenticity.

A beautiful old house is a joy to the eye, but few would like to live in it if they could not have modern conveniences. Some modern conveniences that can be added without losing the look of authenticity are listed here.

  • Radiant heat in the floors is a modern convenience, and because it is run under the flooring, it does not compromise the look.
  • Polyurethane, fiberglass, PVC, and cement board are a few of the modern materials that can be used, that, when painted, will look like they have always been a part of the house.
  • Install modern appliances, just hide them behind fronts that match the kitchen cabinets.

Using modern materials where possible, but blending them into the original charm will produce a house that is both beautiful to look at AND comfortable to live in. If you get stumped, don’t ever hesitate to bring in professionals like Sullivan Engineering who specialize in historical renovations. Check out Youtube.com, and search "house restoration” for more useful tips and fresh ideas.

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