4 Reasons to Invest in Solar Energy for your New Family Home

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The need for electricity is one that constantly increases as new devices and technologies come into play. A family home built ten to fifteen years ago will likely have a nearby electrical grid that is both inadequate and unreliable.

Solar energy represents one of the most accessible, reliable and affordable ways to create electricity for a family home. By planning to install it during the construction of a new home or before you move into a home, you can save your family headaches and money. Let’s examine four reasons you should invest in solar energy.

1. Renewable Energy

Solar energy is available anywhere the sun reaches. The roof of a new home, for example, likely receives adequate solar radiation. This means reliable energy is available whenever the sun is shining.

Given the fact that the sun will continue to raise for five billion years, this means electricity is a guarantee when you have solar panels on your home.

The best part is that this energy is renewable, which is unlike electricity derived from coal, oil and gasoline.

2. Stable Generation

The one thing to understand about how solar energy works is that the electricity output is both stable and predictable.

Electricity will peak when the sun is perpendicular to the solar panels. It will taper when the sun has suboptimal angles, which happens until the sun is not accessible.

If you invest in a low-resistance setup, then you will even be able to generate some solar electricity at night. This happens because the moon reflects a very small amount of solar radiation depending upon where it is in the sky.

3. Independence from the Local Grid

As the demand for electricity increases, the local electrical grid tends to become insufficient. This happens because electricity companies are unwilling to invest in the required infrastructure due to the costs associated with doing so.

This becomes especially problematic in Utah. The demand for electricity spikes in the hotter months when people use their air conditioners, which in turn leads to brownouts and other undesirable situations.

Solar energy will allow you to maintain a certain amount of independence from the local electrical grid.

4. Less Carbon Generation with Cost Savings

Another advantage of solar energy is the fact that it generates no carbon emissions while generating electricity. This allows you to keep your home and your local community free from the negative effects of pollution, which include everything from smog to acid rain.

If you generate more electricity than you need, then you can send that electricity back to your local electrical grid to help keep those emissions down while earning some money.

This nature leads to another closely related set of advantages when it comes to investing in solar energy: it is both affordable and cost-saving.

The affordability comes in the form of tax credits and other credits designed to promote energy-efficient, green energy sources. This helps you recoup the costs you may spend on investing in a solar energy setup.

The cost savings enter when you decrease the electricity you need to pull from the local grid. If you produce more electricity than you use, then you can send that electricity back to the grid to earn money from the power company.

Solar Energy is a Great Investment for Your New Family Home

Though there are many reasons to invest in solar energy, the thing you should keep in mind is that it is a great investment no matter what your focus is. While it can take between 5 to 25 years to recover your investment, it will be worth it due to the peace of mind and reliability that solar power brings to your family’s new home.

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