How your HVAC System could be Costing your Household Money

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No one wants to pay exorbitant heating and cooling costs but everyone wants to feel comfortable in their home during periods of severe heat or bone-chilling cold. While it is easy to assume you would have to compromise one for the other that may not always be the case. While heating and cooling costs account for 48% of energy use in the average American household, it does not mean that it is not possible to reduce your heating and cooling costs without having to learn how to live in sweltering heat or blistering cold.

If you have an outdated HVAC system, you do not routinely maintain your system, or you have not taken advantage of money-saving technologies, the cause of your rising utility bill may actually be the system and not the use. If you are tired of watching your hard-earned money travel through your home and out of your door every time it opens, read on and learn more about how investing in maintenance could put more money in your wallet.

Neglected HVAC Systems Are Inefficient HVAC Systems

HVAC systems may be workhorses, but even workhorses need some tender love and care. All too often, homeowners neglect their heating and cooling systems simply because they are in working order. Just because the systems kick on and off to maintain the temperature in the room does not mean that they are operating efficiently. If you are neglecting the home application that single-handedly balances the temperature in your home, you are doing your wallet a disservice.

Why Are Poorly Maintained HVAC Systems Expensive to Run?

HVAC systems have a lot of moving parts and these components need to be inspected, evaluated and serviced on a routine basis. Something that seems as trivial as a clogged filter or a dirty condenser coil can literally cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life of the system. When there is debris obstructing your filter or lint calling the cooling coil home, you have to worry about more than just a system breakdown. While that is the worst of it, every time a poorly maintained HVAC system powers on it is working overtime when it does not need to and you are paying the added cost for inefficiency.

More Than Just Monthly Expenses

The problem goes beyond high heating and cooling bills. Not only can failing to have your system professionally maintained lead to going over-budget on some major line items, it can also create the need for a major investment sooner rather than later. HVAC systems have an average lifespan of between 12 and 18 years, but it is possible for high-quality equipment to last as long as 30 years if you are paying it the attention that it deserves. While average lifespan is based on several factors, like climate, environment, size of home and more, how committed you are to routine maintenance is one of the factors that will make the most difference. By paying a small expense, you can take preventative measures and breathe life into a system that would otherwise die young.

How HVAC Maintenance is an Investment and Not an Expense

Preventative maintenance may cost you money out of pocket, but it can be classified as an investment because of all of the money it will save you. By trusting professional HVAC experts to inspect and service your units, you will have peace of mind in knowing the system is running at an optimal level. To make routine maintenance even more convenient, some respected companies like Bone Heating and Cooling actually offer a routine semi-annual maintenance plan that is geared towards extending the life of your system and making it more efficient. Plans like this help you improve your air quality and validate your warranty as well.

Lowering your life-time energy bills could help you build a sizable savings. Think about all of the things you could do with the hundreds of dollars you could save annually by maintaining your efficient and reliable HVAC equipment. Stop ignoring your air conditioner when it is functioning and do everything in your power to keep it running in the most efficient manner possible.

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