Is A Metal Roof Right For Your Home?

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Which roof is the right roof? Aside from being a great tongue twister, that is the question many homeowners face when it is time to replace their roof. That question might also pop up with prospective homebuyers who are checking out a property with a metal roof already installed. If you’re used to a tile or shingle roof, a metal roof might seem like a big departure. Before saying no to the metal, you might want to consider the benefits.

Types of Metal Roofs

You’ve probably heard of tin roofs, and maybe you thought they sounded flimsy because tin is a soft metal. However, there are many different types of metal options for roofs. They include galvanized steel, aluminum and copper. Of those three, copper is the longest lasting, but also the most expensive, which is why you don’t see many copper roofs.

Metal Roof Life Expectancy

No matter what type of roof you install, you want it to last a long time. A good roof should stand without leaks for up to 20 years. One of the big advantages of a metal roof is that the life expectancy is far greater. Among the metal options mention above, galvanized steel will last around 60 years, tin around 50 and aluminum about 35 years. Yes, your metal choice matters.

A Lighter Roof

The average tile roof will tip the scales at around 750 pounds per 100 square feet. The concrete tile roof weighs a whopping 900 pounds per 100 square feet. That is a lot of added pressure on your roof, which can be compounded by snow and ice. Conversely, a metal roof might top out at about 150 pounds per 100 square feet. That certainly relieves the pressure.

Fast Installation

A metal roof can be quickly installed. The metal shingles are much bigger panels that can quickly be installed by a competent contractor. Thanks to the light weight of metal roofs, you won’t need additional support. The weight then saves on overall engineering costs. Why does a fast roof matter? If your roof was ripped off in a storm, putting up a metal roof in a hurry might be ideal.

Fire Resistance

Metal roofs come with a class A fire rating. Firefighters know very well that tell a metal roof comes with the most resistant rating. Of course, the rating also would depend on the material used to support the roof. If a metal roof is installed over wood shingles, it might defeat the purpose.

Energy Saver

Despite what you might think, a metal roof actually reflects radiant heat from the sun. This will help you lower your energy bills during the hot days of summer when running the AC is preferred. A smart designer will also incorporate “dead-air space” between the metal and the roof deck, which will further increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Rain and Snow Resistance

Because of the way the panels interlock and are sealed, a metal roof can become totally resistant to rain and snow. You might also want to consider the slipperiness. Wetness will slide off and not have a chance to build up.

As with any decision for your home, it is always best to consider all the options. When it comes to roofing, give metal a second look.

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