Why You Should Consider A Three Car Garage When Building Your Home

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When building a home, many homeowners give great consideration to the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and landscaping, while the garage is largely overlooked. Small families with only two cars and no kids, or only very young kids, will often decide on a two car garage by default. Yet there are several reasons that families should consider going with a three car garage instead. Below are the four primary benefits of having a three car garage compared to a two car garage.

1. Store And Protect Your Primary Vehicles

The primary function of your home’s garage will be to store and protect your primary automobiles while you are home. But many families fail to think beyond this main purpose, only to later wish they had just a little more space in there.

2. Store And Protect Your Recreation Vehicles

You may not have any jet-skis, quads or off-road vehicles at this point in your life, so considering additional space for them might not have even crossed your mind. But that could all change very quickly, and it’s nice to have that space available when you need it.

3. Store Your Home Goods And Save On Storage Fees

While this new home may be an upgrade from your current/previous home, the fact is that you are likely going to start running out of space at some point. That is when many two car garage families end up filling their garages with boxes of garage sale goodies, while their cars end up taking a beating outside in the driveway. Don’t forget that you’re going to be storing more than just your primary vehicles in your garage. You’ll want some extra space for household goods too, rather than having to fork out monthly payments to the local public storage facility.

4. Extended Living Space Or Workspace

Another great reason to go large on your garage is that you can then have the option to use that space for more than just storing cars and boxes. With today’s telecommuting economy, many families opt to use part of their garage as a home office or workshop.

5. Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Last of all, you should also consider that some time down the road, you are going to sell this home. That’s probably the furthest thing from your mind right now, but when it comes time to sell, that three car garage will add serious value to your home.

Building a new home is a major milestone for any family. There are many decisions that need to be made, many details to consider, and once the construction is done there is little room for expansion. When deciding whether to build a two or three car garage for your new home, be sure to think about the larger picture and consider your future needs. A larger garage is not just a luxury. It is an asset that will serve you well for years to come.

You can build your own garage door to match the rest of the home with customized patterns and colors, according to the experts at Jayton Door Corporation. The garage doesn’t have to be an eyesore on your home. It should be an asset that looks great with the rest of your home.

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