Five Things You Forget to Winterize Every Year

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Extreme weather can leave you feeling conflicted and frustrated. During 86 degree days in July you can’t wait for the cool winter to arrive. But on freezing 23 degree days in January, you wish the summer could come quicker.

In addition to coping with your mood swings, you need to make sure your home is ready for the onset of new seasons, particularly the winter time. Winter brings snowfall and ice buildup that can damage parts of your house or property. In order to prepare your home for the next few months of winter freeze, don’t forget to winterize the following five things:


It’s easy to forget about your pipes during any time of the year because they’re concealed behind walls, above your roof, or underneath your floor. But you’ll want to insulate your pipes—especially those that are outside or in your basement. Check for leaks first, then measure and cut heat tape or sleeves to wrap around the pipes. Get help from a home contractor or HVAC specialist from Air Control Heating & Electric, Inc. if you need further assistance, especially for boiler tune-ups or repairs.


You might be so focused on the things inside your home, you forget to check above your head. Your gutters lie on the edge of your roof and collect fallen debris like leaves. When cold temperatures come, ice tends to build up and trap debris in your gutters. In order to avoid any blockages or other messes, clean out this area of your roof during the fall after the leaves are done dropping.

Doors and Windows

During the winter, both external doors and windows can both allow cold air to seep into your home, making you and your family shiver. To block this freezing air from entering inside, look for any cracks or holes. Weather-strip the edges of your doors and seal your windows with more caulk.

The Car

Unfortunately, winter doesn’t bring a vacation from your work. You’ll need your car in good shape to handle the snowy and icy ground during commutes. A garage is the optimal place to park and store your car during winter. If you don’t have a garage, and even if you do have one, make sure you have an ice scraper for your windshield, a snow shovel for your driveway, and snow tires or tire chains, just in case.

The Yard

Freezing weather can have an adverse effect on your yard if not properly cared for. Shrubs and flowers have a hard time handling the lack of sunshine and nutrients during winter, so remember to water them all the way up to the first snowfall. Prune back overgrown bushes or trees and use fertilizers that can give prolonged energy to plants. Don’t forget to protect your walkways from slippery ice by throwing down salt as needed.

This next winter doesn’t need to bring worry or stress. When you remember to prepare the above-listed things for the coming cold, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful snowy scenery and warm mugs of hot cocoa until spring.

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