Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Pipes This Winter

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One of the most common issues homeowners have during the winter months, is dealing with frozen pipes. When pipes freeze on chilly winter days, the water inside will expand and can cause the pipes to crack or burst. This can result in costly damage to the home, as well as expensive water waste. By taking a few steps now, you can minimize the likelihood you will have to deal with this type of damage to your home this winter.

Wrap Exterior Pipes

Most homes have at least one or two pipes exposed to the outdoor air. These are typically outdoor water faucets or basement pipes close to windows and doors. You can wrap these with towels and tape, or purchase special covers at your local home improvement store. The extra layer of coverage can minimize the likelihood they will freeze.

Drain Your Irrigation System

You can also drain your irrigation system before the first chill of the year. Your irrigation or sprinkler system has pipes that run underneath the surface of the ground, and when the weather is cold enough, pipes easily freeze. There may be water remaining in the pipes that could freeze as well, which can cause significant damage. Draining your irrigation system before the first freeze is a wise idea.

Leave Taps Running

On very cold days, leave your indoor taps running to minimize the likelihood of a leak. It will take much colder temperatures for your running water to freeze solid, than for standing water to freeze. When you leave your taps running at a trickle during frozen weather conditions, you will decrease the chance that your pipes will freeze and rupture.

Contact a Plumber for Assistance

Another great idea is to contact a plumber for professional assistance. A plumber can inspect your home to determine any vulnerable areas, and you can use this personalized advice to take preventative steps. In some cases, a professional company like South West Plumbing may need to complete the work for you.

Even a small leak in your pipes can result in costly water waste, plumbing repairs, and potential water damage to the home itself. It is in your best interest to prevent your pipes from freezing, and these are all good preventative steps to take to accomplish this goal. If you need assistance with any of these steps, contact a plumber before the first freeze of the year.

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