Possum Posse: How to Remove These Critters and Keep Them Out

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Possums are pesky critters that like to nest in any space that they can get to. Typically, this tends to be in your attic, basement or even bedroom closet.

They can become more than just a nuisance; females can have babies in your home, diseased possums can turn aggressive, and they can create unsanitary conditions. They can make your home unlivable if you don’t ward them away from your building.

Here are a few tips to keep possums out of your home for good.

1. Cover Your Building’s Foundation Vents

Uncovered foundation vents represent one of the easiest ways that possums can enter your home. They don’t have to do anything special, as they can have access just by crawling in from the ground. Ensure that every vent of your home has slotted metal vent covers. Unlike plastic vent covers, these do not become brittle and therefore are exponentially harder for wild animals to breach.

2. Protect Low-Hanging and Slightly-Elevated Structures

Places like decks and low-hanging overhangs are among some of the other favorite places for possums to nest. They’re much like an unprotected foundation, but the only difference is that they may still be problematic without allowing possums access to the interior of your home.

Possums can nest beneath it and, given the right conditions, become both a health and sanitation hazard. The best way to guard these structures is by using 1/4-inch screening or metal flashing, both of which are things that pest control companies like Guaranteed Rodent Removal can help you with.

3. Guard Other Open Areas

Pet doors, attic vents and any other open spaces big enough to allow possums entry into your home should always be guarded with screening or metal flashing.

If you use screening, ensure that you choose something tough enough that possums, squirrels and raccoons will be unable to claw their way through.

4. Remove Food Sources

Possums are just like any other animal in the fact that they will choose to make their home as close to a food source as possible. By removing garbage and securing things like compost heaps, you will make them scavenge further from your home for food. This makes your house less ideal to nest in or around.

5. Get a Cat or a Dog

Cats and dogs are considered predators by critters like possums. Just by having a cat or a dog’s fur around, you will be able to deter them. One thing to note is that the purpose of your pet shouldn’t be to scare possums away actively. You shouldn’t necessarily try to train your dog to attack possums. Aggressive possums tend to carry diseases, which means that you should always keep your pet from roaming free at night for their own good.

Other Ways to Remove Possums

If your home has already been infested by a possum or family of possums, then it’s time to get in contact with a pest removal company. They can be dangerous and carry diseases that threaten humans. Possums are pesky creatures that tend to keep coming back even if you remove them once, which makes securing your residence just as important as humanely removing critters from your home.

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